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Ultimate Air Assist Brass Nozzle for FoxAlien Laser Module

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  • Handmade
  • Material: Brass
  • Made in USA
  • Designed by Laser Wizard
  • Do not accept return or exchange, free shipping to US address
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  • Due to the high demand for this nozzle and made by hand. This order need 2-3 weeks handling time.


Description-From Laser Wizard

This is an air assist nozzle which we have designed to not only perform exceptionally well, but to also be compatible across several different diode laser types. Each one is hand turned on a lathe from solid brass by our very own in-house wizard! Much care and attention goes into each nozzle to ensure tight tolerances. The ideal air assist setup has the jet stream of air blowing perfectly downwards along the path of the laser beam, this nozzle accomplishes this with near rocket-science level precision. We make our nozzles from solid brass because it is the best way to create a professional laser product.

Please, watch our video demonstrating exactly how this nozzle mounts and how cutting compares with and without air assist. Thank you!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mike Hanzlik
Air assist nozzle

I purchased the 40watt laser and knew I just had to have the air assist nozzle to fit it. I have the nozzle for the 20Watt but it did not fit the 40 watt correctly. Jakub does an excellent job making these air nozzles.

Joanne Verna
Air Assist

The Laser Wizard’s Air Assist is a Must Have. Projects look 100% better with Air Assist especially for a beginner. It is a perfect fit and easy to install! This is the one accessory you must have!

Sarah Hamilton
Makes All the Difference

Super easy to setup and use, and really makes a difference to the quality of my projects!
Creator is super active on the FoxAlien Facebook page, too, so it's easy to get tips and tricks from him and other users.

Morgan Joe

Am amazed at the difference. Cut much much cleaner
My regret is i didn't order sooner.
Thanks for this great addition to machine

Dave Zrowka
A Must Have Accessory

After installing, it is immediately apparent how well this thing works. Clean burns and half the passes for cutting.

J Spotts
Plastic Nozzle vs Brass Nozzle

I bought my 15mW Fox Alien laser last year. I started off buying a plastic adjustable nozzle that you attach to the outside of the laser. It worked ok but I had to constantly adjust the nozzle where the air would hit. Not exactly knowing how much of the air was actually hitting the right lasered spot. I saw some posts on some of the Fox FB group pages and took a flier on Jakub's nozzle. He is always so nice to help everyone I wanted to try this brass nozzle out. I ran some of the same projects as before and the quality is much better. I like how the air flows down the same path as the laser beam. It helps to blow more of the soot out in return creates a better quality image. Also there is minimum adjustment.

I suggest buying the adjustable Z axis mod too. They both work great hand in hand.

Good luck!

Roger Bennett
You NEED this!!

The Laser Wizard air assist nozzle is a ‘must have’ addition to your laser. It is a well - crafted nozzle which adds a stream of air to your cut or engraving, which blows away the burnt char from the cut and makes cutting and engraving much, much easier. I highly recommend you add it to your laser today!

Alan Erickson
Wow! Just wow!

This is a must have game changer! It reduces the number of passes needed, clears the smoke and soot for a clean burn, and helps keep your lens clean. Cannot recommend this enough.

Mika Potter
For Cleaner, More Professional Quality Cuts

I was hesitant on purchasing the air assist, but after watching videos and seeing photo examples with and without air assist, I was sold and am so glad I made the purchase! My projects looked nice before, but the lines are clearer and more professional looking now with much less clean up. Plus, I've been able to reduce my run times on the laser since the air assist nozzle blows away the soot so the laser can reach the wood more efficiently. 10/10

Joanne Verna
Air Assist

Perfect brass nozzle air assist from the Laser Wizard. It is so well made, fits perfectly, and easily installed. This is a must have for my new Fox Alien Reizer!

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