30 Days with my CNC

Things seemed to be moving right along, when suddenly, the poor spindle made a tortured belch, jerked a downward gash in that innocent angel's head, and came to a complete stop.

Beware! Warning! Danger! Do not, I repeat, DO NOT click on those videos that show up on your Facebook newsfeed, cleverly selected by covert Facebook algorithms, letting you know what you want even before you know you want it. I was casually browsing my page one day, sitting in my chair, minding my own business, when an innocuous little video slid into view.  A cute young lady was smiling happily over her worktable in what appeared to be her woodworking workshop. Of course it was, my FB algorithms have long since tuned in to my woodworking crush. She was branding her woodwork with a laser, burning her logo on the piece as a final, professional looking touch. It was so beautiful! Her logo on that smooth, glossy piece of walnut, it simply begged to be reached out to and touched. (Sleek, silky horses have this same effect on me, but that's another hobby, another story.)  Redirected to the YouTube site, she made it look so easy. Smiling all the while, she selected her ready-made file (software, not metal tool), popped it in the machine, pressed a button, and presto, there was her logo, perfectly placed and burned to the correct depth with crisp, clean lines.

Loving the look of laser-etched art, I longed to do this. Of course, there were links to the product web site, and the price wasn't too prohibitive. But I'm going to live with this thought for a while and take some time to think about it. Christmas was well on its way, and I was too busy to take action right now anyway, and tax time would be right on its heels after that, so there was no hurry to do anything. I bookmarked the site and arose from the seat of temptation, turning away from the hand-held device that delivered it.

Written by Nancy Ellis

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