FoxAlien Reizer Mega 20W Laser Engraver with Air Assist Pump Kit

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  • 【Upgrade 32-bit control board】Reizer Mega laser engraver equips with a 32-bit control board and an adjustable Z-axis for easy focusing. The 32-bit control board enables the machine to work more stably and smoothly.
  • 【Compressed laser beam technology】It has a 20W fixed-lens laser module with laser beam compression technology. The laser dot is only 0.2*0.15mm. This laser module has great performance in cutting and engraving, especially engraving delicate projects and details.
  • 【One-click to HOME & Test fire button】HOME and test fire function are integrated to the control board. Long press to HOME; short press to turn on the laser in weak light.
  • 【Easy assembly】Main parts are pre-assembled. It takes about 15-20 mins to fully assembly. Belt-driven design reduces the working noise to low level. The machine is compatible with Grbl software. It supports Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • 【Applicable to a variety of material】Reizer Mega laser engraving machine is capable to handle different kinds of material such as wood, stainless steel, ceramics, leather, acrylic, EVA foam, cardboard, vinyl, and coated metal surface etc. It is widely used in many fields.

*Air Assist Nozzle is not included. Recommend to use with the Laser Wizard's Handmade Brass Nozzle. The machine and the air assist pump will be shipped separately.



  • This is FoxAlien brand new laser engraving machine – Reizer Mega, which equips with a upgrade 32-bit control board and an adjustable Z-axis. The 32-bit control board enables the machine to work more stable and smoothly. The adjustable Z-axis is for easy focusing.
  • The laser engraving machine uses a 20Wlaser unit. The 20W laser module is made of laser beam compression technology. The diameter of the laser dot is only about 0.2mm.
  • HOME and test fire button is added to the new control board. There is a button on the control board that can use HOME function by long-press. Laser in weak light can be turned on by short-press.



Laser engraving machine can cut/engrave a variety of material, such as wood, acrylic, leather, fabric, vinyl, EVA foam, and coated metal surface, etc.

The Reizer laser engraver is applicable to many fields, such as: home décor DIY, art craft DIY, laser cutting, and small business, etc.

Product specification:

  • Laser Electric Power: 20W
  • Optical Output: 5000W-5500W
  • Laser Class: Class 4. Wear Protective Equipment while operating
  • Engraving Area: 80 x 40cm
  • Laser Power Range: S0~S1000
  • Engraving Speed: 20000mm/min
  • Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Input Power Supply: 12V/5A
  • Support Software: Lasergrbl, Candle, Lightburn, Compatible with all GRBL software
  • Support OS: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows8, Windows 10, Mac OS (Mac OS may not support all grbl software)


Package List:

  • 1 x Reizer Mega Laser Engraving Machine (main parts pre-assembled)
  • 1x Tool box
  • 1x 20W laser module
  • 1x Power supply
  • 1x USB flash drive
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Goggles
  • 2x Test material
  • 1x User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Huge working space, easy to put together, worked right out of the box.

One thing that wasn't quickly obvious, was I needed to connect the USB to a computer to get the laser to home or test fire the laser via the controls on the controller.

Quick setup time, smooth quiet operation and fantastic results.

The Fox Alien Reizer Mega is my second FA laser and it has far surpassed my expectations. From the larger size to the quick setup and super quiet controller, I'm blown away by this machine. Plus with the 32bit controller I'm creating projects much faster than before.

Amazon Customer
Ready to Super "Mega" Size Your Projects ?

Just a note before I review I do own the original version of this machine and loved it so I wanted the larger work space so I upgraded to the Mega Reizer. The main differences in the machine are just the work space size expanding from 15 x15 to 15x31. Makes a huge difference especially for sign making etc.

Quick Pros / Cons then full review below

Super quick and easy assembly
32bit controller
Z axis adjustment knob
Rigid and durable
15.5" x 31" work area

Z axis adjustment is nice but adjusts down more than up making working with tall objects a harder task
The placement of the control board and movement of board is a little concerning for accidently power / usb pull outs during projects.

The Pros are all "Big Buying Point" items for me whereas the Cons are me being more nit picky about specifics.

Full review ::

Purchased this machine as an upgrade and I am not disappointed. Assembly on this machine was super quick and easy. The parts come nicely packed and labeled well inside the box. The bolts are all nicely labeled and packed inside a little fishing box type reusable box. I decided to time the assembly on this and even with making 2 - 3 mistakes and fat fingering things I finished the assembly in 25 mins and that is from unboxing to ready to turn on.

The machine itself is solidly built and pretty rigid. One of the things I noted about the placement of the control panel and cables moving I found is best remedied using the offline controller since it provides a more solid connection. If you don't need to be connected to a computer that could be a solid upgrade.

Also when noting about the Z axis travel there is an add on item to give larger adjustable leg setup. Although this isn't required if you are working with thin materials you won't have an issue but larger items to be engraved will need that additional air space so keep that in mind and just upgrade the legs when you purchase it, then you won't have to take it apart later to upgrade.

So far I have run some simple jobs and love how the machine operates and I am just now working on my "Mega" big project ideas. I'll make sure you update with pictures once that is complete ! ! Long story short, just buy it. Its get the best bed size, upgraded controller board, and a solid laser module. You can't go wrong !

Its larger than you think.

Currently I have this hot glued to an Alvin drafting board that is almost too small. I went by the working area to base my guess as to the total footprint is. Its a full meter wide and I would give it a minimum of 600mm deep. So plan accordingly.

Assembly was pretty easy. I have yet to run it, so this review is tentative.

Just expensive wood burning kit.

Not capable of much. Not difficult to learn. But very limited. Bought it for leather... There's no engraving or etching, just burns a picture or design. And the design better not be very complex.

Angela Haskins
Great machine

Easy setup with good instructions. I was using the included practice wood in half an hour. Fully happy with the machine.

Chris Rosario
If your in doubt, buy.

I purchased this engraver after researching other brands. The customer support and community is great (Facebook page). I have engraved everything from cork to stainless steel. This machine cuts smoothly and precisely every time. The laser is powerful enough to cover every project that I have. Easy build and installation of software and configuration ~ 20 minutes. Highly recommended.

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