CNC Router Bits, Flat Nose, 3.175mm 1-Flute, 10pcs


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【1-Flute Spiral End Mill】The design of flute and larger spiral chip space ensures smooth cutting and fast chip-removal.

【Nano Blue Coating】Nano blue coating strengthens the hardness, making the bits more durable and wear-resistant.

【High Working Efficiency】Ultrafine carbide material ensures its engraving and milling performance. Shape edge enables fast engraving process. Efficiency is greatly improved.

【Durable & Well-made】Sharp cutting edge, no glitches on the surface.

【Wide Applications】Commonly used in PVC, Metal, Plastics, Wood, CNC engraving and milling, 3D relief sculpturing etc.


  • Cutting Edge Diameter: 1/8" /3.175mm
  • Blade Length: 17mm
  • Flute: Single flute
  • Shank Diameter: 1/8” /3.175mm
  • Material: Tungsten steel alloy
  • Coating: Nano Blue Coating


Package List:

10pcs x 3.175mm 1-Flute Spiral End Mill, 1/8” Shank

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great bit, good price.

Great bit.Really good value for the price.

Good first impressions

I'm using these on a CNC to mill aspen. Aspen is a soft but fibrous wood. I was cutting with a slightly dull downcut bit, and though it was cutting with no issues it was leaving fuzz on the edges of the cut. Switching to these brand new bits fixed that.

Lance Harper
very good bit

I use these to cut out letters for sings. They are leaps and bounds better than an upcut bit and better than a straight cut bit. Straight cut bits leave little burrs in plywood, upcut leaves a ton of burrs & makes it a nightmare to paint. These bits leave zero burrs on plywood (except at the bottom off the cut, easily sanded off). Downcut bits have to be fed slower on the CNC, BUT the longer working speed is by far worth it because you don't need to spend so much time sanding after the cut.
Will buy again if these ever dull down!!

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