How to maintain FoxAlien CNC Machines

In order to keep the CNC machines in good condition and in goodperformance, regular maintenance is important and necessary.

The main parts require regular maintenance include:

The moving parts - such as linear rails, lead screws, ball screws, spindle motor, and stepper motors etc.;

The controlling parts - such as controller box, motherboard and cable.

How to maintain:

    Linear rail, lead screw, Ball screw

      Regular check and add fresh lubricant to the linear rail, lead screw, ball screw and related nuts to ensure smooth moving. Lubricant oil can reduce the mechanical wear and also proof them from rusting.

        Stepper motor and spindle motor
            • Stepper motor and air-cooled spindle motor are not water-proof. Always keep them in dry condition and avoid water, otherwise they will burn out or shorted.
            • Daily dust and chips cleaning after operating to keep the bearing clean.
            • Highly recommend to use dust-shoe and vacuum cleaner during carving.
            • Avoid continuously long time working in high speed and strong resistance.
              Controller box and motherboard

                Weekly dust and chips cleaning to keep the controlling unit clean. Otherwise, the build-up dust may cause damage to the motherboard, driver chips and port interface.


                    Mainly check the moving joint of the cable, whether there is contact failure at the corner, disconnection and short circuit. Keep the machine in good connection.

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