[2024 New] Laser Rotary Roller R57-41 for XE-PRO & Closed Loop Motor Series

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  • This New Y-axis Rotary roller R57-41 engraving module is designed for FoxAlien CNC Router XE-PRO and CL-4x4. It also compatible with the bule brand's 4030-V2.
  • The rotary roller module is applied to engraving curved surface and cylindrical objects such as round wood, cup, cans, bottles and glass etc.
  • The rotary module is fully assembled. No complicated assembly. Easy wiring. The package comes with a detailed and clear manual for using introduction and wiring.
  • The rotary module is adjustable according to different size of cylindrical objects. The rollers spacing can be adjusted by relocating the screws to fix different size of objects.
  • There is a bracket with wheels which is designed to provide support to goblets such as wine glass. The angle of the holder is adjustable according to different objects.


The FoxAlien New Rotary Roller R57-41 Engraving Module is designed for CNC Router XE-PRO, and CL-4x4 engraving machines to engrave cylindrical objects. It also compatible with the blue brand's CNC 4030-V2.

Product specification:

  • Stepper motor: Closed Loop Nema23 stepper motor
  • Compatible with: FoxAlien XE-RPO, CL-4x4, Blue Brand 4030-V2
  • Support software: Lasergbrl, Lightburn

Using Tips:

  • Check the set screws on the synchronous wheels from time to time in case they get loose during engraving. Make sure theset screws are tightened.
  • The belt is adjustable, make sure the screw sare tightened after adjusting the belt, otherwise it may lose steps if the belt is loose.
  • Read the user manual thoroughly before using.

Package List

  • 1x Rotary roller engraving module
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Wire
  • Wrench

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