69MM Dust Shoe | Compatible with 52MM, 65MM & 69MM Router

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【3-in-1 Dust Shoe】This dust shoe is compatible with 52mm, 65mm and 69mm diameter spindle and routers, such as 300W, 400W spindles and trimmer routers.

【High-quality, Durable】The dust shoe is made of high-quality transparent ABS material, which allows you to watch the operations. Hose diameter: 38mm.

【Wide Applications】It is fully compatible with FoxAlien CNC router machines such as 4040-XE, WM3020, Vasto Series, CL-6560 and 300W spindle upgrade kit etc.

【Double-layer Brushes】Double-layer brush design enhances the dust collecting ability. The second lay brushes are shorter so that it can adapt different length cutting tools without additional changing.

【Magnetic Fixture Design】The dust shoe is a split design for easy cleaning. Two parts are fixed by magnets. It is durable, firmly fixed, and flexible.


The FoxAlien 69mm dust shoe can compatible with three sizes of main routers in the market. Such as 52mm router(300W-400W spindle), 65mm router(Makita RT0700C) & 69mm router(DeWalt DWP611). It is a must-have CNC accessory to keep your CNC clean.

Package List

1 x Dust Shoe

1 x Wrench

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
James Brennan


Steve Grimes
It works

It does what it’s supposed to do, but it’s a little too big. Tends to get in the way - hitting clamps and is prone to bumping the lower Z axis bracket.

John Coates
Nice Addition

I purchased this item as an upgrade to my 4040 XE, having used a similar dust shoe on other machines. It performs as expected. Nicely made, packed well and installs easily. I struggled to find a vacuum hose that would connect the dust shoe to my shop vac, but after several attempts I located one that I could connect using a couple of adapters. Locating an accurate description of hose diameters on the internet is basically hit or miss. Perhaps Fox Alien could also market a hose option for the dust shoe? That would be welcomed.

James Szymanski
James Szymanski

Over all the dust boot works very well, I gave it only 4 stars because of it's size (height). At times when using a shorter bit the brush gets so close to your work piece that can cause the machine to hang up and possibly skip a step. I had to tweak my router height to compensate for this. Lastly, while it works very well, you have to be mindful of where your work clamps are, I had it bump a hold down and it caused the machine to skip.

Pamela McClellan
Added Dust Shoe

Added the dust shoe to my 4040Xe and connected it to a Dewalt Separator and a Rigid 16 gallon vacuum. It was easy to install and does a very good job. Ran it during an 8 hour carve and had little to no clean up afterwards. My only complaint is it makes it hard to see the bits for setup.

fred weaver
Fox dust shoe

It is made ok and meets description at purchase. The vacuum port is much too small and if you make cuts deeper than quarter inch, the fact it is attached to the router really restricts the ability to cut deeper. I would not recommend.

Justin Boshoven
Sucks up the dust & chips!

Pretty satisfied with this dust-shoe. I run a 1.5KW spindle on the Vasto and I run this unit indoors. When surfacing wood, dust gets into the air. Some hours later, every surface in the room is covered in a layer of dust. Opted to finally get a dust-shoe and so far it handles well! Did some wood and some aluminum. So long as the bristles contact the surface, I didn't have any wood/aluminum on the table or the part. Worked as designed! My only complaint which is minor, is the ring adapter for 65mm slides onto my spindle pretty easily, it does hold itself in place. But when I try to slide the dust-shoe over the ring, its a very tight fit. Basically, the screw-clamp isn't even needed. So I still functions and I can still adjust it up/down by wobbling it? I guess its sorta nice that makes it "Tool free"? But I woulda liked to have it slide on a little easier. Doesn't defeat the function and as mentioned, in ways its almost a bonus.

Nice dust shoe !

This dust shoe work very nicely ! Just an little comment, with the 4040XE, the Z axis is little woobeling, then the shoes go down, with the brushes, can you put more flexible brushes ? Thank you !

Dust Shoe Comments

Dust shoe was used for the first time today. It performed flawlessly. I would purchase again. My one nit: it could go together a little easier when mounted onto the router. As I said - a nit.

Scott Waugh
Works great!

I use an xe pro to engrave the faceplates for the guitar amps I build. With the shoe added all the chips and dust is conveniently vacuumed into a shop vac. No mess at all.

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