FoxAlien 40W & 20W Fixed Focus Blue Laser Module Bundle Kit | Optical Output 10W & 5W

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[Cost-effective] This bundle kit come with 2 laser modules, it can help you to learn how to use the laser step by step. We recommend to begin with the 20W, after you master the skill, then go with the 40W. You can also compare with the engraving details with the different laser module.

[Wide Application] These two laser module are ideal for engraving, cutting, scribing, and drilling. Desired patterns can be made easily on the wood or plastic by this unit. These laser module can compatible with all FoxAlien CNC machines and laser engraving machines, such as LE-4040, Reizer & Reizer Mega, 3018-SE V2, 4040-XE, Masuter, Masuter Pro, WM3020 and Vasto.

[2022 New Model] The FoxAlien 40W laser module still comes with "laser beam compression" technology, which can help have a better detail finish. Compare with the 20W laser module, the cutting ability almost increase 80%-100%.

[Industrial Grade Design] FoxAlien Blue Laser Module is designed for the industrial laser engraving machine, it adopts an intelligent feedback control circuit, external ACC constant current driving Mode. Featuring with reliability, high stability, high efficiency, low noise, and excellent laser beam quality.

[Excellent Heat Dissipation] Equipped with a large aluminum heatsink and cooling fan, this can help the heat dissipate fast and ensure the laser module works continuously. This great feature ensures the laser module has up to 10000 hours serving time.



*This bundle kit will be shipped from the China warehouse by express.


  1. Please wear laser goggles during usage, avoid touching the laser directly to the eyes and skin.
  2. In order to avoid unexpected accidents happens, please stay with the machine while the laser module is working.


  • Heatsink material: aluminum
  • Recommend Focus Distance for Cutting: 30mm
  • Electric Output power: 40W & 20W
  • Laser Output power: 10W & 5W
  • Wave length: 445nm blue laser
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 3.3A
  • Beam shape: Dot (focus can not adjustable)
  • Lift time: >10,000 hours
  • Working temperature: -40~75℃
  • Can engrave: MDF/ Balsa/ Paper / Wood/ Fabric/ Plastic/ Leather/ Plywood/ Foam Paper/ Anodized Aluminum
  • Can not engrave: Metal/ Glass/ PCB/ Transparent Material

Package List

  • 1 x FoxAlien 40W Blue Laser Module
  • 1 x FoxAlien 20W Blue Laser Module
  • 1 x Goggles
  • Positioning Block 30mm
  • Anti-Laser Shield
  • Adapter Cable
  • Power Supply for 40W Blue Laser Module

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