LE-4040 Laser Engraver FAQ

Common Problems & Solutions for FoxAlien LE-4040

Q1: Laser stops firing after a few uses, but the machine is still able to move. The red light on the laser module blinks, but no laser beam comes out.
Please follow the following instruction to measure the output, and e-mail us the measurement results. We will send correct replacement based on the measurement results.

Instruction for measurement: https://www.foxalien.com/blogs/news/how-to-confirm-if- laser-is-defective

Q2: The machine is able to move, but the laser module has no laser beam coming out. The red light on the laser module is solid.
Check the little grey button on the laser module, make sure it is pressed down. After it’s pressed down, the red light will blink. That means the laser is powered.

Q3: The machine is able to move, and there is laser beam coming out, but it can’t engrave anything.
Make sure the laser is focused.
If your laser has an adjustable focus lens, please rotate it, and adjust the laser to the smallest point.

If it’s a fixed focus lens, please make sure the focus distance is correct.

Q4: The machine stops in the middle of engraving, but the software shows that the program is still running.

  1. Check the wiring to make sure wires tightly connected.

  2. Check the X and Y axis belts, make sure they are not too tight. If the belt are too tight, it will increase the friction and may cause overheat on the chips. In this case, the control board will trigger self-protective mode and stop working. Adjust the screws to loosen the belts. Referrence video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4IwJ8-3oJk

  3. Make sure the controller board doesn't connect to the PC and the offline controller at the same time. It will make a conflict.
  4. Make sure the USB cable is good enough, we can test the usb cable by a multimeter, if the USB cable is good, it will have a signal. Please check this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSDY1qOkbiU. If there is not output signal, it means the USB cable is defective.
  5. If the machine still stops in the middle of engraving after adjusting the belts. Please contact us for prompt assistance.

Q5: The machine stops in the middle of engraving when using computer to control.

  1. The sleep mode will cause temporarily disconnection between the laser engraver and the computer. Please turn off the computer’s sleep mode.

  2. In Lasergrbl, there is a cooling mode. You can set a cooling time for the laser. Please check it if it is set to an automatic cooling time.

Lasegrbl Grbl Settings Automatic cooling:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems about the machines. E-mail: support@foxalien.com

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