FoxAlien CNC Router 3018-SE V2 with 20W Laser Bundle Kit

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Safety Protection Design】The complete case prevents dust and chips from scattering. You can closely watch the process through the transparent acrylic case. It also reduces the working noise.

Applicable to Multiple Materials】This CNC router can engrave, carve and cut the non-metal and metal such as wood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, PCB, resin, aluminum and brass.

Easy Assembly, Simply Wiring】Main parts of the machine are pre-assembled. Wires are clearly labeled for convenient wiring. A detailed instruction will guide you to assemble the case.

Limit Switches & Emergency Stop】Limit switches and emergency stop can protect the machine from accidents and misuse. External emergency stop button provides a fast way to abort.

GRBL Control】Compatible with all free and open-sourced GRBL software such as Candle, Lasergrbl, Lightburn etc. It supports Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS.

Support Laser Module】This CNC router can support FoxAlien 5W, and 20W blue laser module, with the blue laser module, 3018-SE can be a laser engraving machine.

*3018-SE CNC Router covers the 1-year warranty and free lifetime customer service. Buy with confidence!

*CNC Router and Laser Module will be shipped separately.

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3018-SE is a CNC router machine with a newly-designed complete case. The case provides a protection to both adults and children during processing and enhances safety.

 Tip: Click here to see how to start your first CNC project with 3018-SE CNC Router

Enhance Safety

  • All-round protective case not only prevents dust and chips from scattering, but also keep adults and children from the high-speed rotating spindle and bit to avoid injury.
  • External emergency stop button provides a fast way to abort.


Capable to Handle Varieties of Material

  • Engrave/carve/cut non-metal such as wood, plywood, MDF, acrylic, plastic, PCB, resin etc.
  • Engrave/carve metal such as aluminum and brass.


Wide Applications

  • CNC router machine is commonly used to DIY art crafts, make letters and signs and 3D relief sculpture etc.
  • 3018-SE can engrave and carve PCB boards. Makers can engrave their own PCB boards at home.
  • It is GRBL controlled, which is free and open-sourced. Students and CNC beginners can easily start learning CNC with 3018-SE. It helps develop practical competence.


Product Specification:

  • Product Size: 452*385*316mm
  • Active Working Area: 278x157x 33mm / 11"x6.18"x1.3"
  • Spindle: 775, 60W; 8000RPM
  • Input Supply: 12V/5A
  • Step Motor: 1.3 A, 12V, 0.25 Nm torque (2.2 in lb)
  • Software: Compatible with all GRBL software, such as Candle, Lasergrbl, Lightburn, Easel, Inkscape, CopperCAM, Fusion360, Carbide Create, MeshCAM.
  • Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/10, MAC OS, Linux


Package List:

  • 1x 3018-SE CNC Router Machine
  • 1x Enclosure Case
  • 1x Z Probe
  • 1x Cooling Fan
  • 4x Clamp
  • 1x Brush
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x U Disk
  • 1x User Manual
  • 10 x Engraving Bits
  • Packs of screws
  • 2021 New Model 20W Fixed Focus Blue Laser Module Kit
  • Anti-Laser Shield


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Nice and Easy Setup

Have not used yet but the setup process was easy. I had it set up and upgraded the motor size in it and was done in less than an hour.

cheap bearings

only a few hours of use and it's already rattling itself apart..

Alicia D Rust
Good little machine but delicate.

I love this machine. I have never operated a cnc and it took me a couple days to figure it out but once I did I have loved it. I have created name puzzles, Christmas ornaments, and a few engraved pieces. However the vibration while cutting has caused screws to come loose and need tightening often and the gold piece on the motherboard has started to come loose and causes my spindle to stop in the middle of a project. I need a replacement motherboard.

eric k shell
Definitely a good machine

I'm a complete CNC newbie, but this was easy to assemble and get running after my initial research on using CNC machines. Machine definitely works great. Software to run it is probably where you'll spend most of your time learning and researching.

Jody R. Poling
Great value

Great value for the money. A bit confusing at first trying to learn. But lots of support. Absolutely satisfied

Easy setup, Easy use, Very happy

I've owned the 3018SE for a couple months now. Out of the box, it came with very clear step-by-step instructions ( Color photos, details, etc. ) Its 90% built together out of the box. Just had to put in a few screws and make connections. Wires are labeled, plugs on the main-board are labeled. Having never owned a laser etcher, never used one. I just obtained LightBurn, Plugged it in, drag-dropped an image onto the canvas. Randomly guessed 20% power and poof..out came what I expeced. For router work, it takes a bit more knowledge to learn spindle speed, feed rates, chiploads, etc. No CNC router is "Plug and go" there's a learning curve for how to use CAD and how fast/slow to feed things based on your material, cutter, and machine/spindle limits. As a CNC Machinist myself, this product was A+ for me and I've been making PCB's ever since.

Jeff K
Great little machine.

The FoxAlien 3018SE router is a great machine. I've done a lot of engraving, and some small router jobs. It's easy to assemble, and operate. I'm 100% satisfied with the quality of the machine, and the price is very good also. If you are looking for a small machine to start out with, I would recommend this one.

Tim McLaughlin
Super easy to use!

This machine is great quality, and is practically ready to use out of the box! You don't need to be a tech genius, an engineer, or a graphic designer to be able to use this machine. It's very easy to assemble and even easier to use. The user manual is beautifully illustrated, easy to follow, and written in perfect English! There are tons of extra's available for this machine such as the off-line controller, the CNC bench vise, and the flip jig. You can literally create anything!

FoxAlien 3018 Desktop CNC

I chose the FoxAlien 3018 Desktop CNC as the first CNC for my small shop, to use on many hobby’s and projects.
It shipped well packaged and showed up with everything in good shape, had good, easy to follow instructions, and had a very clear colour coded wiring diagram, which was very helpful.
The materials used seem to be of high quality, the aluminum extrusions are very clean and rigid, and the acrylic for the enclosure is clear and was shipped with a protective plastic covering it.
It also came with a full set of V Carve bits of different sizes to use.
I haven’t completed a video review of a project, but I will post that soon. I’ll be using Easel as the software. So far have had no issues getting the machine to communicate with Easel.
Very happy with this purchase. As an added note, FoxAlien has a very active Facebook group with good support from its members, and from FoxAlien themselves.

This is a small machine

I have had a little problem with a motor that sometimes runs or not. I contacted the company and they decided I need a part. It was shipped within 2 days and I am waiting for it now.

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