CNC Router Bits, Flat Nose, 3.175mm 2-Flute, 10pcs


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【2-Flute Spiral End Mill】The design of flute and larger spiral chip space ensures smooth cutting and fast chip-removal.

【Nano Blue Coating】Nano blue coating strengthens the hardness, making the bits more durable and wear-resistant.

【High Working Efficiency】Ultrafine carbide material ensures its engraving and milling performance. Shape edge enables fast engraving process. Efficiency is greatly improved.

【Durable & Well-made】Sharp cutting edge, no glitches on the surface.

【Wide Applications】Commonly used in PVC, Metal, Plastics, Wood, CNC engraving and milling, 3D relief sculpturing etc.


  • Cutting Edge Diameter: 1/8" /3.175mm
  • Blade Length: 17mm
  • Flute: Dual flute
  • Shank Diameter: 1/8” /3.175mm
  • Material: Tungsten steel alloy
  • Coating: Nano Blue Coating


Package List:

10pcs x 3.175mm 2-Flute Spiral End Mill, 1/8” Shank

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
E. Crouse
Cut walnut well on my Shapeoko CNC machine

I'll start by saying they lost a star because one of the pieces was broken out of the box. I can't give 5 stars to poor quality control. They were fulfilled by Amazon but I can't imagine one broke sitting on the shelf in some Amazon warehouse. I could definitely have returned them and gotten a replacement but I needed to use them and didn't want to hassle with that if the remaining 9 worked, and they did.

On to using them. I'm cutting a text outline and needed a 1/8" bit that could do cutouts on 3/4" walnut without burning or breaking and these 2 flute upcut bits worked great. They ejected the majority of the chips even on the deeper cuts leaving the cutting path clear for the next pass. Swarf in the cutting path is a big contributor to burning and bits breaking so chip ejection is key, and these did a great job. They were also sharp enough that I had no tool marks or tear out on the edges that needed cleanup. When these get dull I'll buy another set, hopefully of 10 and not 9 and be happy with them.

Great bits

Bits are sharp and seem to last through a lot of cuttings. I cut through Oak, walnut, purple heart, and maple with a majority of my work and the one bit that I've used so far has held up nicely. Cuts are generally clean except for a few burs at the top edges of the boards which sands off fairly easy but that is normal with up cut bits. I will absolutely buy these bits again when I need to.

Low price and great performance

Excellent bits for the money. I use them on my 1/8" rotary tool and they cut effortlessly. I used one for a plywood project and used it to cut slots as well as boring holes for screws. I was using the bit in a flex shaft attachment and it worked with not problems. I found it SIGNIFICANTLY faster than using a drill while creating holes. Just be sure to hold on tight! The is some kick back interspersed with the near effortless cutting, so be careful since your cuts with a rotary tool flex shaft are totally freehand. It doesn't like being at an angle, always try to go for 90 degrees to the work.

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