CNC Router Machine 4040-XE with 40W Laser Bundle Kit

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  • 4040-XE CNC Router uses 300W spindle and NEMA23 stepper motors, which are more powerful and efficient. Max moving speed is 2000mm/min and spindle speed range is 0~10000.
  • Control board, power supply, emergency stop, and wires are integrated into a newly design box, which is simple for operation, easy to clean and safe. The controller has a 3.5” touchscreen LCD which also functions as an offline controller.
  • It’s capable to engrave, cut and drill many different kinds of material such as wood, metal, MDF, acrylic, foam, resin, nylon, fiber carbon, PCB and etc. It’s great for home use and business.
  • Large engravable area of 15.75”x15.75”x2.17” (400x400x55mm). It’s capable to handle both small and large material. The CNC machine is based on GRBL, it is compatible with GRBL-control software.
  • Easy assembly. Main parts are pre-assembled, it only takes 15-30mins to fully assembly. Wires are labeled clearly for fast connection and bundled into drag chain for easy management.

*The 4040-XE and the 40W laser kit will be shipped separately. 




FoxAlien 4040-XE is an CNC router with large engraving area of 15.75”x15.75”x2.17” (400x400x55mm), which has a powerful 300W spindle and support up to 15000mW laser module.

4040-XE is an extreme and advanced CNC router in FoxAlien family. With the powerful spindle and stepper motors, it has better performance and high accuracy in engraving and cutting different types of material.



  • Model: 4040-XE
  • Active Working Area: 15.75 x 15.75 x 2.17 inch (400*400*55mm)
  • Spindle Power: 300W
  • Stepper Motor: NEMA 23
  • Accuracy: 0.1mm
  • Maximum Moving Speed: 2000mm/min
  • Input Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Input Current: 110V/10A; 220V/5A
  • Control Method: Computer & Controller
  • Support Software: Compatible with Grbl-control software
  • Support OS: Windows XP/7/8/10, Linux, Mac OS
  • Machine Size: 29.92 x 24.4 x 14.17 inch (760*620*360mm)


Package List:

  • 1x 4040-XE CNC Router (main parts pre-assembled)
  • 1x Controller
  • 1x 300W Spindle
  • 1x MDF working table
  • 10x Engraving Bits
  • 10x Nano Blue Coating End Mills (0.8mm-3.175mm, 1/8” shank)
  • 4x Hold-down Clamps
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x USB Card Reader
  • 1x Memory Card
  • 1x Z Probe
  • 1x User Manual
  • Packs of screws and tools
  • 40W Fixed Focus Laser Module Kit
  • Anti-Laser Shield

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
corey newton

CNC Router Machine 4040-XE with 40W Laser Bundle Kit

Rick Phillips
Some issues with build quality

The machine is very robust. Communication and delivery was excellent. However, we had issues attaching the spindle housing as the threaded holes had not been drilled and tapped properly. We had to re-drill and re-tap them - and then re-thread the bolts. We also really struggled to get the laptop connecting to the controller - but that was mainly user error and lack of clear instructions without spending hours watching YouTube videos.

Kenny Morse

CNC Router Machine 4040-XE with 40W Laser Bundle Kit

Tom Vincent
Excited but Frustrated

Hello Fox Alien folks, As far as the machine goes it looks and feels darn good! On the Y1 belt rail it feels like 4 flat spots when I move it. I sent an e mail about it. The Y2 moves smoothly. The assembly instructions are pretty clear and everything is marked really well. Where I fund a bunch of improvement is needed for instructions about the supplied software and how to load it, is it loaded on the PC/Mac and how is it integrated to the controller. Also what are the USB and memory card used for - ie: detailed description for their use. I have my machine built but sure haven’t been able to communicate with the laser. And YES I have moved the switch and checked all the cables. The USB with package ID 4040XE when plugged into my MacBook Pro says “ OXALM-1.ZIP Unable to expand. It’s unsupported format “ So I’m sitting here frustrated and looking for some immediate help verbally or something so I don’t feel so perplexed about my purchase. But The machine is well built IMO just need the software communicating issue detailed. Thanks for listening. Tom

Brian Waites

The 4040-XE is Probably the best CNC / Laser combination machine on the market. But it does need a 60-60 extension kit to keep up with the rest. So get production moving…..

Rebecca Still
Well built CNC

I received the CNC about a week ago or so and my son put it together while I was out of town. He said it was well built and I agree. Everything was labeled well and easy to connect. I haven't yet been able to try out the software but am planning on it soon. Also, there was a couple of questions I add and the customer support was great. I emailed and received an answer within 24 hours.


Unfortunately did not receive the cnc router , I purchased set (router with laser) but only laser arrived. I was refunded fraction from the value of router only , which covers like 70% of cnc router price, and as this money is not enough to buy router again they asked me to wait for deals. Now I am left with laser only. I hope to get full refund I requested and not have problems with the return. They should just send me the missing router again or refund all, without playing games.


It came very well packaged an great instructions on putting it together and how to install software however I paid for 2-3day shipping and it still took a week to arrive but I would recommend it to anyone

FoxAlien 4040-xe Bundle

I have had this cnc/laser since January I have enjoyed the learning proses not to over whelming, great for a start up in learning all about the cnc/laser world. Had no issues until laser stopped working just over a month ago, Got in touch with customer serve and I was very please with all the help I received great communication and responded to my questions and helped me great deal to try and resolve the problem in the end to no avail. Within a couple weeks I received a new laser module and I was up and running again. I must say I was worried weather they would even reply to my first e.mail once they seen I had a problem I was very pleasantly surprised I thought they would probably try and fob me off I did not need to be worried a great experience. But I do agree with another review about the switch for the laser to cnc would been a lot better a flush switch like the like the PC/Controller switch. But overall I am a very happy chappie with FoxAlien team and there machine, top marks.

Peter S
Nice small machine

So far I love this machine, I have used both the laser and spindle all working great. A couple of things that annoy me are the laser / spindle switch is recessed I would like it the same as the pc / controller switch so I don't need to poke a screwdriver in. I would also like the source for the touch screen controller as having to reset set amount every time you flick between screens is a pain! But overall this machine is great! Customer service from Fox Alien is also good!

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