FoxAlien Vacuum Cleaner Hepa Filter System 800


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  • The max power of the HFS800 is 800W. Power is adjustable.
  • Portable and Compact size.
  • Works quieter than the traditional vacuum.
  • Comes with dust bag, HEPA Filter & carbon filter.



The FoxAlien HFS-800 is a compact size vacuum cleaner for CNC woodworking. It comes with a dust bag, HEPA Filter and carbon filter which can keep your workshop air clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin Boshoven
Small little vac, Does the job though!

I wanted a low-profile vac that could be hidden away under my table. Shop-Vacs are too large and I didn't want to source making my own. I saw FoxAlien launched this HFS vac and dimensionally it looked perfect. I personally dont use the speed control aspect of it. I feel its noisy when low, and its not that much more noisy when going to high. There's more whine as you'd expect from the higher RPMs, but its not like a world of difference in loudness. That said, I just often crank it to full and assure dust removal is at its most. I use this with an air-cooled VFD spindle. I wasn't sure how things would work with my spindle blasting air down into a dust-shoe + the vac. If that would cause any issues. So far, its been pretty good. Wood and aluminum chips got sucked up without problems. The build quality feels pretty nice. The back-door that covers up the filters has a pretty strong magnet that keeps the door shut. I feel the suction isn't too bad. It wont be as much as a shop-vac that uses 2" hose but I mean..that's a given. Anytime you go to 1.25" hose vacs, you loose some flow. Far as I'm concerned, it sucked up the materials I expect to cut. So I honestly can't complain! Very happy with this little thing. It's nice to have something just hidden away that's ready to go. I use this to keep my Vasto clean, and put an extension on the hose to clean off my lathe. I do recommend running a cyclone/dust-filter in-line. The dust collection "bag" on the HFS is pretty small. You'll fill it up fast, and plug filters up easily with fine wood dust. Cyclone filter/Seperator in between your machine & HFS aids in keeping the vac clean!

Phillip Lunsford
HFS 800 Great Addition to FOXAlien

Having this vacuum in my shop has definitely help with air quality. It’s fantastic to have a dedicated vacuum that I can move from one CNC machine to another. Well done FOXAlien

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