Seth & Danielle Hoopes Creations

Hi there! I'm Danielle the designer behind the unique décor and creator of digital files used to create custom pieces that you'll find all over our site. I love to craft; painting, sewing, and crocheting are my favorites. My husband, Seth, is the hands on type - always in the shop, creating the ideas that I think up. Seth is a U.S. Navy Veteran and has been a woodworker/carpenter since we bought our own house in 2011. After moving our particleboard, big-box store, furniture which was falling apart, he decided to build a few pieces of furniture and re-model some builder grade closets as his first projects. Ever since he has been constantly perfecting his skills, making more furniture and expanding to charcuterie boards and dining tables At the end of 2019 we decided to turn our hobbies into a career and work for ourselves. We have expanded our product line to include custom CNC carved signs, laser engraved coasters, and to pay homage to his own service Seth designed our best selling item yet, Military Desk Ranks. We hope you are able to find exactly what you are looking for here in our shop, but if you cant seem to find the perfect item, grab our email address and shoot us a message!! I can demo the FoxAlien CNC and Laser machine.

Seth & Danielle Hoopes Creations
Machine Model
CNC Machine Masuter, HW40 Hot Wire Cutter
My creation