CNC Router Bits Triangular Pyramid, 60 Degree 0.1mm Tip, 10PCS


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【60 Degree 0.1mm Tip】Cutting edge diameter is 0.1mm, sharp enough for delicate engravings. 1/8” shank diameter fits most of the machines in the market.

【Triangular Pyramid Shape】Special design for easy cleaning, not easy to stick dust. Perfect for 3D sculpturing.

【Nano Blue Coating】Nano blue coating strengthens the hardness, making the bits more durable and wear-resistant. Service life is greatly extended.

【Durable & Well-made】Sharp cutting edge, no glitches on the surface. Ultrafine steel material ensures its engraving and milling performance.

【Wide Applications】Commonly used in MDF, PVC, Metal, Plastics, Wood engraving and milling, 3D relief sculpturing etc.


  • Sharp tip in 0.1mm diameter, 60 degrees, perfect for precise engraving. 
  • This bit is commonly used for plastics, wood, PVC, acrylic resin engraving etc. 
  • Especially works great for 2D engraving and 3D relief sculpturing.



  • Cutting Edge Diameter: 0.1mm
  • Shank Diameter: 3.175mm/ 1/8”
  • Shape: Triangular Pyramid
  • Degree: 60
  • Material: High-quality steel 
  • Coating: Nano blue coating



This bit can be used in engraving PVC, MDF, plastics, wood, acrylic, nylon, resin, wood, etc.


Package List:

10pcs x 0.1mm 60 Degree Triangular Pyramid CNC Engraving Router Bits, 1/8" Shank

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great buy.

I really liked this bit because the packaging came with all of the specifications that i needed to set up a new tool. The quality is also superb, granted it is made for cutting wood or lighter materials. I'm running a CNC Router that I've built and I was using V bits. With the proper feeds/speeds, this bit can last a very long time on wood. Definitely worth a shot if you are looking to get into CNC routing.

Another awesome professional grade bit from FoxAlien!

I own this along with 60-degree and the liner from Whiteside to make small signs. When I first started woodworking, I started with a cheap router bit which worked good and upgraded to Freud until I started hearing Whiteside more often on some of the woodworking forums. Some of the bits seemed a bit overpriced but once I tried one of their bits, I was addicted. I use Bosch Colt and full size plunge router and Whiteside has been my go to for all my router bits. I do have Freud and no-name brand bits still but when I want quality finish with smooth surface, Whiteside gets called.

This V-Groove bit has been essential for doing small signs and making angled grooves. It's VERY sharp and cuts every so smoothly it's very easy to predict where the cut will be made. Making cuts along a curved line/marker has been a breeze and while this type of work is more nice & slow motion, I'm very happy to made the investment in buying this brand.

If you want quality, Whiteside is definitely the to go to. If you're just a weekend woodworker on an occasion, other brands will likely be more than enough.

D. Brown
Great Bit!

I've actually purchased two of these bits now, after I ran the first one into a hold-down screw on my CNC at high speed due to a poor estimation of distance on my own part. I was honestly surprised

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