CNC Router Masuter Pro with 40W Laser Bundle Kit

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Structure Upgrade: Masuter Pro is an All-Aluminum CNC router, which makes the machine sturdier than the last version. The Z-axis uses linear rails instead of the optical axis, this greatly improves the stability and accuracy.

Upgraded Controller Box: The control board is upgraded to a compact controller box. The emergency stop button and home button are more easily and more convenient to access. The control box is also dust-proof for easy maintenance.

Compatibility Upgrade: Masuter Pro includes 2 spindle clamps: 52mm & 65mm. The 52mm clamp can accommodate the 60W spindle, 300W spindle and the FoxAlien laser modules. The 65mm clamp is for customized upgrade, such as 65mm Makita router, 1.5KW spindle, etc. Masuter Pro also supports the 69mm spindle clamp, please buy separately.

Assembly Upgrade: Main parts are pre-assembled, and the part of the wires are pre-installed to the controller box. It takes only 10-15 minutes to fully assemble.

Additional Working Light: A small working light is added to the Z-axis. It helps you to monitor the carving details and process more clearly. Each stepper motor has a knob for easy adjusting by hand.


The Masuter Pro and the 40W Laser Kit will be shipped separately.


  • Active Working Area: 15.75” x 15.75” x 2.36” (400 x 400 x 60mm)
  • Spindle: 775; 10000RPM
  • Input Supply: 12V/5A
  • Stepper Motor: 1.3 A, 12V, 0.25 Nm torque (2.2 in lb)
  • Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/10/11, MAC OS, Linux 


Package List

  • 1x Masuter Pro CNC Router Machine (Main part pre-installed)
  • 1x Z Probe
  • 1x Controller Box
  • 4x Hold-down Clamp
  • 1x 52mm Spindle Clamp
  • 1x 65mm Spindle Clamp
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x U Disk
  • 1x User Manual
  • 10 x Router Bits
  • Packs of screws
  • 1 x 40W Laser Module Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
eric saladin

Livraison rapide je débute juste en CNC étant ébéniste il me reste encore beaucoup à apprendre se qui et pour le Lazer il et très bien dans ça boite pour le moment juste un petit bémol j'ai dû modifier quelque vis de serrage que je trouve très légère au niveau des moteur et du Lazer problème pour moi qui a était vite résolu mais pour un début je trouve que ces un bon compromis pour le prix et qualité

David Hazlett
Masuter pro

The program's could be more user friendly

Stephen Gillard
Great machine

So far I have enjoyed the Masuter Pro. I have upgraded to the 300w spindle and I have seen great results.
The only thing I can say that it lacks is the ability to set the Z-axis 90 deg to the table top. If there was a kit that came with the cnc machine to do this, it would have been 5 stars
Apart from that it’s been brilliant

Zsolt Szomora
Masuter Pro after 8 weeks

Parcel arrived in time without any damage....
Assembly was easy and took about 40min. but unfortunately there were some issues...
Cutting bed bending, and the entire machine is just a little too hard to put in square and plum... Many times I have cutting depth issues because os the flexing bord.
All the wheels got flat spotted
Some holes weren't properly tapped. And now just after 5hrs of use 9f the laser unit, the lense cracked. Hoping a quick and fast solution from foxalien team 🤞🏽
Over all it's a great little machine for the price. But there is some extra work involved for better accuracy....

David Cha
Great machine - please read notes below .

CNC Router Masuter Pro with 40W Laser Bundle Kit

This machine is absolutely brilliant ,the 40w Laser is so much better than cheaper ones I've used on the market .

However in my experience there is a few little problems with the set up which foxalien need to pay attention to small details . Especially Considering how much money these machines cost and the laser kit .

I found the control unit box the 2 holes underneath where are you fit the brackets on had been tapped with the incorrect size thread . therefore I had to use my own screws to fit the bracket .

There is a problem with the Z rollers been set up in correctly at manufactures or being damaged during transport where are flat spot has been created during storage , i messaged foxalien about this and they sent me a YouTube link how to correct the problem , i still have a problem there , I'm probably going to upgrade the pulley wheels myself at the expense of myself. (this problem is widely known in the Facebook group ).

The paper labels on the cables to indicate where the plugs all go would be nice if they were made of plastic so they did not tear off so easily ..

The supplied Allen keys are useless ( to soft ) you are much better off and purchasing a decent set .
and it would be nice if Foxalien can supply at least one spare screw of each one .

40w laser module : the biggest problem I found with this is the cable coming from the control box adapter to the laser head is simply too short . ideally it needs to be about 25cm longer . The one which is supplied yes it will work no problem but it has to track across the machine work area which is untidy, potentially could get caught up within the work area ... this has also been reported to foxalien and they have acknowledged this as a future upgrade .

both items are very solid and very well built good , good performance of both items is absolutely amazing knocks socks off all my previous machine i have purchase before . Really happy with the performance so far and I would definitely purchase another one and different models of the same make of foxalien in the future .

Foxalien support via facebook message is great they always reply
( through some of the answers are not always the best )

The Foxalien cnc facebook group it's absolutely fantastic, really good members on there and helpful , high level of service from members on there it's absolutely amazing , there is plenty of help and support and everybody is friendly ... highly recommended ..

(conclusion )
I would recommend a friend and purchase another one myself.

Absolutely yes yes yes ..

Richard Wyer

After a lot of deliberation, I decided on the Masuter Pro with the 40w Laser and added the Air assist pack as well. Price was good, communication with Foxalien excellent, and the reviews and Youtube videos pointed me in the right direction. A few minor issues when building it, but the instructions, and again Youtube, were a massive help and easy to understand. The Test piece showed the machine to work as hoped. I’ve now got a Spoil board with the relevant holes drilled, flattened and the grid lines on and so far, happy with how the machine performs. Next will be testing the Laser and adding the Router. Get one, you’ll not be disappointed.

Sheldon Johnson

I love this machine. I have the 300 watt spindle in it right now cuts great. Would highly recommend it for an up grade to the 3018 or the Masuter 40 40. It's a well built machine. I just would like to see one improvement it needs some center bracing for the 2 piece spoil board.

Kelly McMillan

Have had a chance to use it yet , assembly was easy!

Gary Jenkins
It’s an awesome machine

I have never set up a CNC and this one took one hour to put together and a few more hours going though the learning curve before I was comfortable with it. I’m still learning but everyday I’m able to take the machine further than I ever thought I could so yes I would recommend this CNC Pro.

Worthy upgrade from the original Masuter!

Decided to pick this up after owning the original Masuter and I gotta say, this is fore sure a worthy upgrade! The Z assembly is much stronger with the aluminum parts and linear rails/blocks. I was able to cut aluminum with this machine ( Using a dewalt router ). I kept the cuts pretty light, but managed to do it, though I'd mostly focus on cutting woods and plastics in my personal opinion. If you go with a Dewalt router, just be sure to get the clamp, as it doesn't come native with the Masuter Pro! Although I had a minor hiccup with the item upon arrival, It was easily fixed. The wheels came shipped WAY too tight and the X movement had a very hard clunk to it. Once the wheels were loosen up ( concentric nuts ) things did eventually restore to a "normal" and roll nicer. Just something to keep in mind. Chunky motions maybe due to wheels being too tight. Always good to check belt tension too. But yeah, overall I feel this machine is nice for someone whos looking into plastic/wood cutting. In my personal opinion I think this machine is still "forgiving" meaning, if you're new to CNC, you can probably screw-up and not completely wreck it. Belts will skip before you cause any real damage to the frame. The Z axis can plunge pretty hard. But I wouldn't go after this machine toooo specifically if youre main goal is metal hauling. You gotta be pretty light else your circles come out oblong ( Though multiple cleanup passes help. )

One thing I would recommend doing is maybe look into adding some 20mm x 20mm extrusions to the spoilboard. There's two sections side by side. You can push down on the center and make one board flex quiet a bit past the other board. This could cause some vibrations during cutting. Rigidity is everything. A simple extra beam down the center woulda done wonders! Either way I'm loving it and the aluminum build feels so much more quality/worth than the previous acrylic build!

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