300W Spindle Dust Shoe for FoxAlien CNC Router 4040-XE

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  • Compatible with FoxAlien CNC Router 4040-XE.
  • Made by Resin 3D Printing.
  • Made in USA.
  • Designed by Pete Aronson.
  • Also fits the Masuter with optional 300 watt spindle
  • Do not accept return or exchange, free shipping to US address, ready to ship within 5-10 days. Ship to US only.


My “Suck It Up!!” Vacuum Dust Shoe is here! Comes with hardware for 300 and 500 watt 52mm spindles for Fox Alien and many other CNC Routers.
Man, this really SUCKS! I used some aluminum mill swarf from my mini mill and it sucks it right up. Wood, carbon fiber and router aluminum swarf will be easy-peasy! See videos.
Works with all 300 watt and 500 watt Chinese spindles on many different CNC Routers, but specifically made for my personal FoxAlien 4040-XE....I absolutely love mine!
Uses an 1-1/4″ Shop Vacuum hose. Craftsman from Lowe’s or Amazon both fit perfect. The hose needs to be 1-1/4″ inside diameter and the hard plastic hose end needs to be removed….most rotate off backwards….”Righty-Loosey”
Available in Satin Black, to match your router, or Ryobi Green.
Resin 3D Printed in Siraya Tech “Build” resin, incorporates a 5/64″ thick laser-cut Delrin support in the top, laser-cut foam gasket between the halves, Laser-cut polyurethane foam gasket to the spindle,  four rare earth magnets hold the halves together & make it easy to change bits and assorted length silicone 1-1/4″ pickup hoses. My designer Dave Kern and I put in a bunch of hours to get this done right.
These will have a lead time of one to five days, it takes about 12 hours to print, paint and assemble each set.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John W Cornell
fox alien masuter 4040 spindle dust shoe

had it on in just about 20 minutes and it looks great on my router


Wrong address

Gregory Wallace
300 W spindle

Delivery time was excellent. The spindle not sure strong enough for hardwoods. Not a lot of instruction for speed control. When turned to max speed seems to not be at 10000 rpm but much slower. The dust shoe requires replacement of two spindle bolts that are included, however, to connect this to the spindle are two 7mm nuts one is easily accessible the other is extremely difficult to mount. The only way I could tighten was to completely remove spindle collet mount from spindle shaft. This would have to be done every time changing out spindle.

Dan M Butler
Newbie Here

I am a 75 year old newbie to CNC and this is my first machine. It arrived a few days late but in good condition. Assembly was easy (Using Jim Dean's video). I have a few learner errors when I first started but have mastered that and the equipment is working great. I'm also very happy with the support I got while overcoming my initial user errors.

Johnny Graves
Awesome product

Awesome product the magnets did come off of it but I just glued them back on worked great

Joseph Ward

Need machine before I can have a feedback. Wife wrapped or Chistmas.

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