Extension Kit 8040 for XE-PRO


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  • This extension kit includes the X-axis extended profiles, upgraded T-slot Hybrid spoilboard, base frame and the parts that need to be replaced. (XE-PRO CNC machine is NOT included)
  • The 8040-extension kit is only for FoxAlien XE-PRO CNC Engraving machine upgrade, which can extend the working area to 31.49" x 15.75" (800mm x 400mm, X-Y).
  • The 8040 extension kit uses HG-15 linear rails and 16mm ball screws on X axis to maintain stability and high accuracy during carviing and engraving.
  • With this upgrade kit, X-axis travel will be larger. This make it possible for the CNC router machine work with large size projects, such as guitars, billboards and etc.
  • The upgraded hybrid spoilboard is compatible with different type clamps, such as FoxAlien bench vise and t-track hold-down clamps.
  • The base frame structure is fortified with aluminum profiles, ensuring the spoilboard remains stable for cutting and engraving.
  • A detailed assembly guide is included. We provide step by step assembly manual. It is easy to install. Please note enter $100=160 and $130=800 in the console window to change the configuration.


The XE-PRO 8040 extension kit not only extends the working area of the x-axis, but also enhances the stability of the machine structure. The extension kit of the x-axis comes with the 16mm ballscrews and linear rails, when the XE-PRO standard version comes the 12mm ballscrews and steel wheels. It also equipped with the upgraded hybrid T-slot working table.

Package List

1 x Extension Kit for CNC Machine XE-PRO

Hybrid MDF T-slot Working Table

Drag Chain

Click here to download the GRBL parameter for XE-PRO 8040

Customer Reviews

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Steve Cochran
Extension worked beautifully..after…

The installation of the extension was easy, I even upgraded to linear rails at the same time! Easy-peasy. The only issue I encountered was my x-axis was traveling 2.5x further than it should. I reset everything, uninstalled the old machine from Easel, etc. no luck. Ended up finding a video,, thank you paw-paw. That explained how to modify the gcode to make it work properly. I found nothing on the FA site or documentation to show how to assure it’s calibrated properly. My first carve was perfect! All in all, loving the extension! I’ll watch for the 8080 extension kit too!!

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