Smart Relay Controller Module for FoxAlien CNC

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  • 【Exclusive Design for CNC】This relay module is exclusively designed for FoxAlien CNC machine and add-on parts controlling. Add-on parts (such as routers and vacuum cleaner) can be controlled by the Grbl software through this relay.
  • 【Achieve Synchronous Control】Connecting the routers/dust collector and CNC router machine to this relay, the machine and add-on parts can turn on/off synchronously according to the engraving progress.
  • 【Make Devices “Automatic”】 The machine and add-ons controlling become "Automatic" since they can start/stop synchronously on demand.
  • 【Enhance Safety】In the event that you need to hit the emergency stop, add-on parts such as router and dust collector will stop synchronously. You don’t need to turn off these add-ons manually.
  • 【Compatibility】The relay module comes with 2 types of cables: terminal plug and 2-pin aviation plug. It is fully compatible with all FoxAlien CNC machines. It can be used on other brands’ machines as long as the plug is compatible.


The FoxAlien Smart Relay Module is designed for controlling the CNC add-on such as trimmer router(Makita or Dewalt) and vacuum cleaner when using the CNC machine. It can allow the controller to turn on/off those add-ons automatically.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

I installed this as per instructions. I could not get it to work.The red light on the switch would shine, but it would not power
my masuter pro and my makita trim router. The only way that I would be able to use the whole system is to plug it directly into the wall socket.
It was a waste of money.

Roland Woelfl
great machine, but unfortunately not suitable for Estlcam

The packaging of the delivery is very good, the assembly is really sensationally easy and there are simply no problems with the installation.
but unfortunately the electronics are not suitable for use with Estlcam software, at least not without an electronics conversion! I cannot and do not want to work with the American CAM programs.


It’s not working right and fox alien is not the best at customer service

Daniel Sayer
Works well

Keeps the dust away, it is a lot better than my home made effort however I think that the price is a bit steep, and £20 to post it??
The magnetic bottom half is a nice touch as it is easy to change bits.
After a few uses the brush looks like it had a bad hair day, so I am hopeful that fox alien will offer replacement brushes that i don’t have to remortgage my house for.

James Szymanski
Router Dust Collector Relay

Work great no issues, I like the convenience of having it turn the router and dust collector on/off when a job starts an ends.


I use a Dewalt trim router, use this to power on and off with my Cnc

nikolaos kalantzis
Cannot rate it as I have not received it

Hello, it has taken some time to arrive and when it has I had just left on holiday. Can you arrange it to stay at the courier outlet until the 10th of January please?

smart relay not as smart for other brands.

Smart Relay Controller Module seems like a good solution for the CNC and any dust extraction. But I have a Genmitsu 4030 proxl v2 and the cables for the smart Relay do not fit the control box of the Genmitsu. So I will either have to make a cable connection myself or look for one on the internet. It's a shame that you only make something like this for your own brand and not something that fits universally.

Jamie England
Smart relay

Haven't had a chance to use the relay yet. Bought the Vasto xl a few weeks ago and haven't had a chance to set them up. But just looking at them I am really impressed with the quality of everything that I bought. Also just bought the Woodmads 3020 for my wife to use the laser on. Will definitely be buying more from FoxAlien.

Hayden Debi
Relay controller

Just got my foxalien relay controller and it works great. Save me a lot of effort trying to make a wiring solution for my Makita router. Thanks FoxAlien

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