CNC Router Masuter Pro with 4080 Extension Bundle Kit

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  • This bundle includes a standard FoxAlien Masuter Pro CNC router machine and a 4080 extension kit.
  • Masuter Pro is an All-Aluminum CNC router machine. The Z-axis uses Linear Rail instead of rods and T8 lead screw, this greatly improves the stability and accuracy.
  • The 4080-extension kit is only for FoxAlien Masuter Pro CNC engraving machine upgrade. It can extend the working area to 15.75" x 31.5" (400mm x 800mm, X-Y).
  • Masuter Pro includes 2 spindle clamps: 52mm & 65mm. The 52mm clamp can accommodate the 60W spindle, 300W spindle and the FoxAlien 20W/40W modules. The 65mm clamp is for customized upgrade, such as 65mm router, 1.5KW spindle, etc. It also supports the 69mm spindle clamp, please buy separately.
  • With this upgrade kit, Y-axis travel will double, and this will enable the CNC router machine to accomplish more large size projects such as making skateboard, guitar, and billboard etc.

*The CNC Router Masuter Pro and the 4080 Extension Kit will be shipped separately.



The FoxAlien Extension Kit 4080 expands the working area of the Masuter Pro from 400mm x 400mm(15.75” x 15.75”) to 400mm x 800mm(15.75" x 31.5")

Package List

  • Y-axis Aluminum Profile x 2
  • T-slot Hybrid Table
  • CNC Router Masuter Pro

How to change grbl settings for Masuter Pro 4080

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Durward D. Jones
A little dissapointed...

I was very excited to get my machine and jump into it. The machining on the parts is awesome, everything fit square and with in tolerances. The directions were great. Simple and easy to understand. I had it up and running in no time. That's when the issues started. When it came to simple vector carving it worked fine. But when I tried to carve reliefs or something that produced lots of chips, my carves failed.
Waste material would build up on the belts and cause skipping. I fixed it by taping paper shields over the belts.
The extension kit was easy to assemble and I had no issues on start up. But every 3D carve I have tried has failed. The machine struggles to stay on track. I have adjusted the G-Code several times. Infact the last carve failed as I type this.
I have installed a Dewalt Router with the kit and vacuum attachment. This added extra frustration. The install was easy enough. But the dust shoe has problems when I do deep cuts or carves. It snags and disrupts the machine. The vacuum port is reduced as I adjust it to just barely scrape the surface.
I also had to make debris shields for the belts on the extension kit too.
In closing I like the machine, I know I have some user end things to learn to achieve what I want it to do.
But I have spent 2 days making mods to get it to work, I have wasted so much material just trying to do simple cut outs and carvings. Learning and mistakes are part of the journey but this is getting to become constant.
I feel I wasted my money on this machine and should have went with the screw drive system.
I like the machine, but I found that I am requiring to much from it it seems.

Thank you,
Durward D. Jones


Good price. Timely delivery. Not assembled yet. Will use foxalien again in the future


Loving it so far

James Szymanski
Mauster Pro Bundle

Easy to assemble, Alignment was not a problem. The learning curve is a bit challenging, but once you get the hang of it it's a good machine for beginners.

Morgan Butchee
Stripped head screws

I ordered the offline controller box. And have yet to receive it. And due to poor instructions I had to take the machine apart 6 times. And in the process of doing so I stripped out the soft screw heads. Also, when installing the extension kit, the instructions does not show how or where to enter the new values for the extension. When testing the machine and using the Z probe, then starting the test. The spindle does not even touch the wood. And has to be manually adjusted to start engraving. Its like the Machine does not detect the difference between the probe and the wood and the bed. To get the thickness of the wood or material to engrave. And in the candle program included does not have a spot for material Length/ width/ thickness adjustment. Before starting the test. The stepper motors are kind of week too. Oh, the bits that are included are of only one style. You do not get a variety of bits to test out.

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