Extension Kit 4080 for Masuter Pro

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  • This extension kit only includes the Y-axis extended profiles, upgraded T-slot Hybrid spoilboard, base frame and small parts that need to be replaced. (Masuter Pro CNC machine is NOT included)
  • The 4080-extension kit is only for FoxAlien Masuter Pro CNC engraving machine upgrade. It can extend the working area to 15.75" x 31.5" (400mm x 800mm, X-Y).
  • With this upgrade kit, Y-axis travel will double, and this will enable the CNC router machine to accomplish more large size projects such as making skateboard, guitar, and billboard etc.
  • The upgraded hybrid spoilboard is compatible with hold-down clamps, FoxAlien mini vise. The base frame is strengthened by 2 aluminum profiles so that the spoilboard is steady enough for cutting and engraving.
  • A detailed assembly guide is included. We provide step by step assembly manual. It is easy to install.


The FoxAlien Extension Kit 4080 expands the working area of the Masuter Pro from 400mm x 400mm(15.75” x 15.75”) to 400mm x 800mm(15.75" x 31.5")

Package List

  • Y-axis Aluminum Profile x 2
  • T-slot Hybrid Table

How to change grbl settings for Masuter Pro 4080

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Fred Senatti
love it

great investment glad I got it

Michael Hall
Spoil board upgrade

Directions are pretty straightforward. Could use a little bit more detail on on the blind nuts where to put them but other than that definitely worth the money.

April Eccker
Easy to install

Works great and very easy to install. Love it

Shame I could not buy Masuter pro+ extension + 300w spindle without the 60w spindle, mpro origina...

Hello, I have built the mpro with extension and 300w spindle. I now have an extra (useless) 60w spindle, rails, cabling, bed, ... I sort of resent having to pay for so much that I will never use.
Price could have been lower with better offering management from you. What a shame!!
Apart from that, the machine seems to be fine. It built rather easily. Manually, I can use the machine fine but I am now struggling to have it work with cambam generated g-code. Any suggestions concerning a good candle FAQ that may help me solve my issue ?
So far, I am satisfied with this machine but need to resolve my issue before I can confirm my satisfaction...
Have a good one


Very good product

Timothy O'Hara
Extension kit

The extension is nice and will do the trick. But it's missing the T-clamps. They should be included in the kit but customer service won't answer my emails to tell me different.

Luis Rosario



We absolutely love this machine. For the price and for all the attachments we will be obtaining over the years to come to improve or rather broaden its capability. I am very pleased with it for sure.


Took a couple months for me to get it dialed in but once it was it’s running smoothly.


Never received this order

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