How To Confirm If Laser Is Defective

Please follow our steps to measure the output of the laser, this will help us to find out which specific part is defective. You’ll need a multimeter to measure.

Please kindly to the attached videos.
In the testing-1 video, it’s to find out whether the wire is good to receive signal from the board. Use multimeter to measure both ends like it shows in the video. Multimeter will beep if the wire is good; otherwise, the wire is defective. Then we’ll send you a new wire.

If the wire is good, please follow testing-2 video.
Step-1: First, disconnect the wire on the laser module, remain the other end connected to the board. Then power on the machine.
Step-2: Move any axis in the software, and then enter command M3 S1000 to turn on the laser. (leave the wire on the laser head disconnected)
Step-3: Use multimeter to measure the voltage of the wire on the laser module. As the video shows, measure black and yellow wire pins to see if there is approx.4V output. If yes, that means the laser module is defective; if no output, that means the board is defective.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any question about this.

At last, all FoxAlien machine covers one year warranty. If you find any missing parts or defective parts, please contact us via for the new replacement parts.

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