CNC Router Machine XE-PRO with 8040 Extension Bundle Kit

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[Design for Large Project] This bundle includes a standard FoxAlien CNC Machine XE-PRO and a 8040 extension kit. The working area is 800mm x 400mm x 95mm(31.6"x15.8"x3.74"). 

[Closed-loop Steeper Motors] Equipped with four closed-loop stepper motors, this enables the CNC Router XE-PRO can run faster, smoother and lower noise level. The max moving speed is 5000mm/min, which is 2.5 times faster than the open-loop stepper motors. 

[Ball Screw Driven System] The XE-PRO uses 1204 ball screws on the XYZ axis for precise cutting and carving. It also uses the dual linear rails on Z axis to improve the rigidity of the machine.

[Simple to Use] Still based on open-source grbl control, you can find a lot of tutorials on Youtube. Due to the solid structure of the machine, it allow the users have more rooms to make errors, even though your settings such as engraving speed, depth per pass, plunge rate are not perfect. You can still carve with a nice result.

[Easy Installation] Main parts are pre-assembled, it just takes 25-30 minutes to assemble the machine, then you can explore the journey of CNC machining.

[Upgradable] Exclusive innovative design for linear rails upgrade on XY axis. The XE-PRO can be turned into an industrial grade home use machine after installing the linear rails on X and Y axis. This innovative design is really friendly to new users, they don't need to purchase another new machine with linear rails after they master the CNC skill. The XE-PRO also comes with a 65mm and 69mm clamp, which can compatible with Makita Router RT0700C and DeWalt DWP611 Router.


*Please note that you will receive two packages. The CNC Machine XE-PRO and the 8040 Extension Kit will be shipped separately.






The FoxAlien CNC Router Machine XE-PRO has a huge improvement when compared with the first generation 4040-XE. Equipped with ball screws, closed-loop stepper motors, and a powerful 400W spindle, which enables the XE-RPO can qualify a lot of carving, and cutting woodworking projects easily.


  • Model Name: XE-PRO
  • Working Area: 400x400x95mm/15.8"x15.8"x3.74"
  • 8040 Extension Kit Working Area: 800x400x95mm/31.6"x15.8"x3.74"
  • Frame & Structure: Metal Frame & MDF Spoilboard
  • X Axis Drive System: 1204 ballscrew and steel wheel
  • Y Axis Drive System: 1204 ballscrew and steel wheel
  • Z Axis Drive System: 1204 ballscrew and dual linear rails
  • XYZ Axis Stepper Motor: Nema23 76mm Closed Loop Stepper Motor
  • Max Speed: 5000mm/min
  • Spindle Power: 400W
  • Extra Mount: 65mm & 69mm
  • Build-in Offline Control: Yes

Package List

  • 1x CNC Router XE-PRO
  • 1x MDF Table
  • 1x Controller
  • 2x Set of engraving bits (10pcs/set)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Box of screws and tools
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x 8040 Extension Kit

Click here to download the GRBL parameter for XE-PRO 8040


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