FoxAlien Air Assist Pump AP30A

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【Wide Compatibility】The AP30A air assist pump is compatible with all CNC engraving machines. It is directly plugged into outlet of AC 110V/60Hz. The package includes a 6.5ft (2 meters) long tube in 4mm inner hose diameter.

【Powerful and Large Airflow】The air volume is 0-30L/min. The large airflow can blow off the dust and smoke more efficiently and helps make cleaner cuttings and improve the cutting efficiency.

【Adjustable Air Volume】The air volume can be adjusted by the controller based on the engraving needs. This air pump remains low level of working noise; and there are 4 rubber feet to reduce the vibration. It is much quieter than those traditional pumps.

【Plug and Use, Easy Installation】No complicated installation. Connect the air pump to the engraving module, and then plug it into outlet. The air pump is ready to go!

【Durable and Long Service Life】It is made of high quality aluminum shell, which is easy for maintenance. It is fully compatible with all FoxAlien CNC machines.


The FoxAlien AP30A air assist pump is designed for all CNC engraving machines. It is fully compatible with the most popular engraving machines in the markets.



  • Input voltage: AC 110V/60Hz
  • Air volume: 0-30L/min
  • Air volume control: Yes
  • Hose diameter: 4mm (inner diameter); 6mm (outer diameter)
  • Hose length: 6.5ft (2 meters)


  • It remains low level of working noise.
  • The air flow is powerful for laser engraving and cutting.
  • Portable size design. It can be taken to anywhere easily. It won’t take up much space on your desk.
  • Airflow can be adjusted based on the cutting progress.


  • Fully compatible with all FoxAlien CNC machines such as Reizer, Reizer Mega, Masuter, Masuter Pro, 4040-XE, Vasto and 3018-SE.
  • It can be used on other brands of engraving machines.

Package List

  • 1x FoxAlien AP30A air assist pump
  • 1x Hose

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Andre Habel

Great air pump, virtually no noise!

John Coates
Great for an Aquarium

The pump seems well made but is clearly intended for use in an aquarium. The instructions mention keeping the pump above the water line, and using an air stone to defuse air through water. My pump was easy enough to install on the nozzle at the laser end of the tubing, however the fitting at the pump was too large for the tubing to fit over. I could not find a metric thread fitting to replace the one supplied, so I improvised - two weeks later I was able to use the pump with the laser. There were literally no directions regarding the use of the pump on the laser - installation or operation - nothing. I expected something more dedicated to use with the laser module.

Scott Sturman
Good pump

As advertised this pump is quite and puts out sufficient air volume to reduce browning and scaring of wood when laser burning.

Larry White

Not in use yet


Works perfect

Gary Butterbaugh

FoxAlien Air Assist Pump AP30A


Worked as should

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