MDF Hybrid Spoilboard for CNC Machine XE PRO

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  • This upgraded kit includes T-slot hybrid spoilboard work tables. It is designed for XE-PRO CNC Router Machine.
  • The upgraded hybrid spoilboard is designed with grooved joints for a solid connection between the boards, which is more stable and high accuracy for cutting and engraving.
  • Upgraded hybrid spoilboard is constructed with a mixture of aluminum supports and MDF slates, which prevent the spoilboard warping easily during intense CNC engraving.
  • T-slot design is simplified and versatile, enabling flexible positioning adjustment of the fixture. The spoildboard is suitable for various types of clamps.
  • With a comprehensive assembly guide for easier upgrades. Installation can be done quickly by following the steps in the manual.


The MDF Hybird Spoilboard is an essential upgrade for the CNC Machine XE PRO. Made of high strength aluminum alloy, the durable aluminum T-track grid extrusions support the MDF slats for a rigid and level surface.

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Jens Gramer

Makes work much easier

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