Air Assist Pump Complete Kit

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  • Air Outlet Volume: 8-10L/min
  • Air output adjustable.
  • Can be powered directly from the controller board of the Reizer and Reizer Mega. You will need to plug the power supply when using the 4040-XE, Masuter, Masuter Pro and 3018-SE.
  • The Aluminum nozzle can fit the 20W and 40W laser module.

This kit will be shipped from the China warehouse by air. It needs 7-10 days for the delivery.


This air pump is designed for engraver air assist system. The air pump is in portable size and light weight so that it can be taken to anywhere conveniently and will not take up much space. Compatible with FoxAlien Reizer, ReizerMega, Masuter, LE-4040, LE-4040 PRO and 3018-SE. Some other models need an extra 12V power adapter.


Package List

  • 1x Air assist pump
  • 1x Tube
  • 1x Wire
  • 1x FoxAlien Aluminum Nozzle
  • 1x Power Supply

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Robert Cude

It took minute to figure out the system. After that this machine, both laser and CNC have done great. Very please so far.

Air Assist Pump Kit is a Must Have.

I have been doing laser engraving and cutting for about 2 years. I always though the addition of air assist was a frill I could do without and didn't see that it would make much difference. Boy was I wrong. This addition to my laser has proved itself on the very first project I used it on. The quality of my engraving was greatly improved. I am now running at much faster times and using less power to get better results than I ever could without air assist. If you are thinking about adding this to your set up - Do it.

Kevin Schloss
Air assist pump

It works great

Cuts are much cleaner...

This air assist pump is great. It's small, powerful enough, and not very noisy compared to other options. I've found I can cut a bit hotter and faster without any edge burn. It really helps with fine/delicate laser cuts. I also like that the air flow can be adjusted, although I keep mine full blast most of the time. Glad I purchased it.

Joseph Ward
Air assist.

Looks good wife wrapped as Christmas, check back later .

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