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[Designed to work precisely] The WM3020 CNC is built in HG-15 linear bearings and 12mm ballscrews on every axis. These components can help the carving faster, quieter, and more precisely.
[Easy Installation] Main parts are pre-assembled, it just takes 30-45 minutes to assemble the machine, then you can explore the journey of CNC machining.
[Simple to Use] Still based on grbl control, lots of resources can be found on YouTube. Due to its super-rigid structure, no more loss step. Even though your engraving settings are not perfect, it can still carve nicely.
[Easy to Upgrade] The machine comes with a 300W spindle, which can capable of engraving and cutting wood, acrylic, carbon fiber, aluminum and brass. The design of the z-axis module can install the 65mm and 69mm clamp, which means it can compatible with the Makita RT0701C, 1.5kw spindle, and DeWalt DWP611 Router.
[Aluminum Working Table] One-piece machined and molded aluminum design ensures the flatness and strength of the work platform. An integrated measurement scale is convenient for material positioning. The platform is compatible with most of the CNC clamps on the market.


Development Background

The WM-3020 is a brand new CNC machine that is joint-designed by FoxAlien and WoodMads. WoodMads is a start-up team devoted to CNC machines. We are very honored to be invited to participate in designing this new model; and FoxAlien becomes the exclusive distributor of the WM-3020.

Hardware Specification

  • Working Table: Aluminum
  • Cutting Area: 290x220x70mm/ 11.4“x8.6"x2.7"
  • Spindle: 300W
  • Router:  Support 65mm and 69 Router, Makita RT0700C and DeWalt DWP611 (clamp is not included)
  • Dual X Axis: HG-15 Linear Rails & 12mm Ball Screws & 2 Slide Blocks
  • Dual Y Axis: HG-15 Linear Rails & 12mm Ball Screws & 4 Slide Blocks
  • Dual Z Axis: HG-15 Linear Rails & 12mm Ball Screws & 2 Slide Blocks
  • Stepper Motors: Nema17
  • Driver Chip: TB67S109AFTG
  • Machine Structure Material: All Metal

Package List

  • 1x CNC Router Machine (Main part pre-installed)
  • 1x Z Probe
  • 1x Controller Box
  • 4x Hold-down Clamp
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x U Disk
  • 1x User Manual
  • 10 x Router Bits
  • Packs of screws


Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Martin Torén

FoxAlien x Woodmads CNC Router WM3020

Very happy.

Purchased to cut carbon fiber and am very happy with the results. Easy assembly and setup.

Sebastian Gerwald

Well packed, good manual, rigid design.
A bigger spindel would be cool for that price.

Need more adjustment

Ok this machine is good but motor are very noisy
Fan for thé board is noisy too

Need to adjust gantry to be perfect but you can't.


Machine as described, but the spindle is pretty weak for hardwood, would be nice if it shipped with an atleast 600W spindle.
It has great accuracy, but I have only used pretty conservative settings.

Eric S
Solid Machine

This is my first CNC and I’m glad I chose the Foxalien 3020. There are a lot of other machines to choose from but for my applications, I needed a solid machine that can cut metal right out of the box and the woodmads does that. Assembly was so easy, your mom could do it! Compared to the genmitsu 3020 pro max, the woodmads 3020 is the superior machine because foxalien housed the power supply and motherboard in a very well protected enclosure. It can be upgraded to use a laser and that’s a bonus. The linear rails & ball screws are also superior to the competition. I run the machine on a Mac using UGS and setup was easy, there is good tutorials available on YouTube that you can refer to and the machine works, zero problems or headaches during setup. First thing I did was home the machine, then I calibrated the x,y,z steps. Factory sets the steps to 800, but to really dial them in to be accurate within 0.01mm my settings were $100=802.809, $101=800.800, & $102=803.414. This may very machine to machine, but probably worth doing. Then I set some macros for the machine to jog to and installed a dust shoe. I still have yet to explore all the functions of the machine, but I’m more than satisfied with its capabilities and highly recommend this device.

The only 30xx series machine that should be labeled PRO

I have a long history with CNC routers, and recently needed to downsize to a smaller shop area, so I decided to go with the FoxAlien WM3020. This is the only machine I've found that uses both 15mm linear rails AND ball screws! This is a must-have combination for anyone who is serious about precision and repeatability. The machine is very solid and well put together. There are 2 reasons it gets 4 stars instead of 5 on my review. First, they fit the machine with undersize NEMA 17 motors. There's nothing wrong with NEMA 17's, but they really should have been more powerful versions (I've already upgraded mine). Second, they lack proper lateral constraint of the ball screws. They are counting on the motors to limit lateral slop in the screws. If they fixed these 2 items (without further increasing the price) it would truly be a PRO level machine. As is, it is very close. I can't speak of the controller, as I am using a completely different one. But the supplied controller appears to be in keeping with the quality of the machine, which is very nice.

Thomas Skulander
An excellent little CNC Router

As an experienced CNC user I had a need for a small footprint CNC Router and chose the WM3020 for it's size and positive review after watching the YouTube review by techydiy. I ordered my machine directly from Foxalien in China, it's cheaper that way, and it was shipped via DHL Express to my location in rural Australia, arriving within a week. All customs charges were included in the shipping cost and the operation was smooth.
Given the relatively small size of the machine the designers choice of linear rails and ball screws on all axis's combines to produce a relatively rigid machine to the point where it can be used comfortably to give good accuracy while machining soft metals ie aluminium and brass. I ordered the machine with the optional 65mm spindle clamp mount for my Makita Router. The Makita router combined with the machines rigidity provides a great little platform. If you're only considering using the machine on plastics and timber etc then the stock spindle is capable (and low in cost) of doing a good job. It is limited to 3mm diameter bits though. The Makita though has a max 20,000 rpm compared to 10.000 rpm on the stock spindle and can take larger 6mm and 8mm bits.
The assembly of the machine is very simple and the wiring is all well labeled for connecting to the supplied metal enclosure machine controller box. The supplied coloured user manual is also a well printed to the point document and not a photocopied cheap option, to me these little things matter. I would suggest that a slip in page be added that documents the machine's GRBL settings as standard. The Microsoft Windows Candle software, supplied on a memory stick, is a combined package of some 2D drawing capacity and then communicates seamlessly via USB cable to send GCode to the machines controller box. If you're looking to design with more capability then there are plenty of software options out there and as long as they can issue say dxf files for importing into Candle then all is good.
Overall a user friendly solid little CNC router that's been well thought out and I think good value for money.

David Holland
Solid CNC machine

Just arrived yesterday and out of the box it was easy to construct. I chose this as my entry into CNC due to it's linear rails, and ballscrews (I did not wish to mess with belt systems) The instructions were clear and the labelling made the electronic connections fool proof, it took me less than an hour to have it out the box and running. The machine is fully metal in construction and feels solid and a high quality item. I can recommend this Youtube video to get you started with installing on your computer and setting the CNC up for it's first job. . All in all I am very pleased with my purchase

Jonathan Petersohn
Foxalien/Woodmads WM3020

I have yet to do my for carving, but here is what I know so far: the WM3020 appears to be very well built, with an aluminum superstructure, linear rails, and ballscrews instead of belts. My only complaint is the inaccurate and insufficient information on how to set it up to do your first carving... Which file do you use? Which software (Regular or Pro?). Where do you place the block to do your first carve? Where should the spindle be before you start your first carve? How do I know the spindle won't run the bit into a clamp on my test run? All these things are probably known to an experienced CNC user, but what about all of us that know nothing! We need clearer and more concise, step-by-directions!

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