3018-SE CNC Router FAQs

3018-SE CNC Router FAQs


Q1: The USB drive is corrupted and has no files in it. How can I get the files and documents?

Please download the files at these links:

Digital manuals & test files:



CH340 driver: http://www.wch-ic.com/search?t=all&q=CH340


Grbl(Candle) software: https://github.com/Denvi/Candle



Q2: Driver installation fails. It shows error messages. And no COM is detected.

If it shows error message during installation, connect the USB to the cnc machine, and then check if the COM is detected successfully.


If yes, we can ignore the error message, and continue to the next step.

If no COM, please download the driver again, and re-install. Check USB port and make sure it is completely connected. Or use another USB port for connection.


Please check this video for driver and software installation step by step:




Q3: When I connect the software, it says “port open”.

  1. Check the E-stop, make sure it is not pressed down. If it is pressed down, the machine cannot work even though you click unlock. In this case, you need to release the E-stop first, and then click unlock.

Please refer this video about how to use E-stop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TYSqt1ecBNs


  1. Check the limit switch. If any axis triggers the limit switch, the machine will lock, too. In this case, please follow this video to solve the limit switch problem.

Please refer this video about how to solver limit switch problem:




Q4: I connect the machine to software successfully, but it can’t move any axis.

  1. Each time you power on the machine, you need to click “unlock” button first, and then it can work.
  2. Check the E-stop and limit switch as Q3.



Q5: I can’t engrave a circle but an oval, what should I do?

Check the blue coupler and make sure the set screws are tightened. Loosen coupler may cause losing steps during engraving and lead to inaccuracy.



Q6: New to CNC, what should I do to start an engraving project?

  1. Please note that Candle does not support design pictures, and it can only read gcode files. So, we need to use other software such as Easel to design images and make gcode files.

Easel: https://www.inventables.com/technologies/easel


  1. Please refer to this video about how to make gcode in Easel:



  1. After getting the gcode files, we’ll run it in Candle. Please refer to this video about how to use Candle to engrave step by step.




Q7: My machine stops once it starts moving, and I have to reset and unlock, but it stops again once it gets moving.

It may hit one of the limit switches and lock up. Please check the X, Y and Z limit. Make sure they are away from the limit switches before engraving, otherwise it might hit the limit once it starts.

If the Z-axis is too close to the limit, you can loose the spindle clamp, and adjust the spindle’s position.




Please contact us for prompt assistance if you come across any problem.

E-mail: support@foxalien.com

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