FoxAlien 40W Fixed Focus Blue Laser Module Kit | Optical Output 10W


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[2022 New Model] The FoxAlien 40W laser module still comes with "laser beam compression" technology, which can help have a better detail finish. Compare with the 20W laser module, the cutting ability almost increase 80%-100%.

[Industrial Grade Design] FoxAlien Blue Laser Module is designed for the industrial laser engraving machine, it adopts an intelligent feedback control circuit, external ACC constant current driving Mode. Featuring with reliability, high stability, high efficiency, low noise, and excellent laser beam quality.

[Excellent Heat Dissipation] Equipped with a large aluminum heatsink and cooling fan, this can help the heat dissipate fast and ensure the laser module works continuously. This great feature ensures the laser module has up to 10000 hours serving time.

[Easy to Use] No instructions needed, just plug it to the laser port of the driver board, then it works.

[Application] The laser module is ideal for engraving, cutting, scribing, and drilling. Desired patterns can be made easily on the wood or plastic by this unit. This laser module can compatible with all FoxAlien CNC machines and laser engraving machines, such as LE-4040, Reizer & Reizer Mega, 3018-SE V2, 4040-XE, Masuter.


*The 40W laser will be shipped from the China warehouse by express.


  1. Please wear laser goggles during usage, avoid touching the laser directly to the eyes and skin.
  2. In order to avoid unexpected accidents happens, please stay with the machine while the laser module is working.


  • Heatsink material: aluminum
  • Recommend Focus Distance for Cutting: 40mm
  • Electric Output power: 40W
  • Laser Output power: 10W
  • Wave length: 445nm blue laser
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Current: 3.3A
  • Beam shape: Dot (focus can not adjustable)
  • Lift time: >10,000 hours
  • Working temperature: -40~75℃
  • Can engrave: MDF/ Balsa/ Paper / Wood/ Fabric/ Plastic/ Leather/ Plywood/ Foam Paper/ Anodized Aluminum
  • Can not engrave: Metal/ Glass/ PCB/ Transparent Material

Package List

  • 1 x FoxAlien Blue Laser Module(Compatible with LE-4040, LE-4040 PRO, Reizer, Reizer Mega Laser Engraver/ 3018-SE/4040-XE CNC Router)
  • 1 x Goggles
  • Positioning Block 40mm
  • Anti-Laser Shield
  • Adapter Cable
  • Power Supply

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Jamie Cook
Great Product & Service

Have only had my Masuter Pro for a few weeks. Lots to learn, received my 40 Watt Laser "10-Watt Output" the other day. Cuts 6mm plywood in about 10 passes. I am told the 10-watt laser is better for detailed work with the 20-watt better for cutting. Learned a lot from James Dean Designs, this fellow has a really nice YouTube channel. Impressed with everything about Fox Alien can hardly wait to buy their 20-Watt Laser and extension kit.


FoxAlien 40W Fixed Focus Blue Laser Module Kit | Optical Output 10W

Curtis Cooper
awesome laser

works great. took a little while to get dialed in but very impressed so far.

Stéphane DUPONT

N'ayant pas trop de recul concernant l'utilisation de laser ( c'est mon premier), je suis pour l'instant ravi de celui ci. Je suis encore en plein test pour les différents matériaux à utiliser dans l'avenir mais c'est très prometteur. J'espère que la durée de vie sera de la partie. En tous cas content d'avoir choisi Foxalien qui réponds à tous mes mails de demande d'information. A recommander les yeux fermés


This laser is just a real beauty to work with. I used this with my 4040 Masuter CNC and they work great together, I would HIGHLY recommend this laser for beginners and definitely using LightBurn is the best. The best part about these products I have, really is the after care from the customer service. I had some minor teething issues, this turned out to be my error and the customer care ALWAYS come back to you and if needed send any spare parts out.

I am now a FoxAlien die hard supporter.


Les Sullivan
Fine, clean cut.

I have been using the 40w (actually 10w output) laser for a few days now and I am very happy with it. It came with a perfectly designed "nozzle" that fits on the end to take an air tube and I also purchased the "air assist" pump which I think is essential as it ensures a clean cut without smoke residue. A metal grid baseboard completed my setup and that too is, in my view, an essential accessory.
Cutting out a jigsaw puzzle (photo mounted on plywood) gave clean smoke free edges with a very narrow kerf which meant that the pieces fitted together perfectly, not too tight and not too loose.
Since purchasing my FoxAlien Masuter Pro I have had to contact their customer services a couple of times for advice and the response has been quick and very helpful. Well done FoxAlien.

Mike McEldowney
FoxAlien 40 watt laser

It takes a learning curve but, this laser does everything it's supposed to do! It worked right out of the box. I love it!

Mike Abazaba
Great product & great customer service!

Not only is the Fox Alien Reizer 10W output laser just as capable as the other lasers in its class, it comes in at half the price while being able to do just as much! This product works perfect rightly t out of the box, is compatible with Light Burn & very intuitive for anyone who has any prior experience with 3d printing or cnc machines. When I ran into an issue with my laser module support helped me out right away and resolved my problem! I use this for production jobs cutting sublimated black acrylic & it comes out just as clean as my $6000 Co2 laser. Great product, highly recommended! Only thing I regret is not getting the 20W output module!

Craig O'Shea

FoxAlien 40W Fixed Focus Blue Laser Module Kit | Optical Output 10W

Rocky Touchet
Excellent upgrade

40w is an excellent upgrade for my reizer mega. What would have taken 4 hours with my 20w only took 49 minutes with the 40w. Best part about it other than the power is the fact that fox alien gave me a free air assist nozzle. Sadly i already purchased the nozzle prior to getting the 40w but being that i convinced my brother to upgrade to fox alien from an orthur laser it wont go to waste. Excellent equipment from an excellent company. Completely satisfied customer.

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