Low Profile Vise for CNC Router Machine 3018-SE, 4040-XE, Masuter


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  • Use as a holding clamp for CNC router machine milling worktable.
  • Hold the engraving object without taking any engraving area.
  • Product size: 20x8x4 cm/ 7.87”x3.15”x1.57”; Max. holding length: 13cm/ 5”
  • The vise is made of high-quality aluminum, which is durable and strong enough to stay steady while machine is running.
  • It holds the object tightly and easy to adjust with screws.


  • This mini vise is designed for CNC router milling worktable.
  • It can hold object in length 13cm max. and provide a thick pad for thin material.
  • Easy and convenient to adjust by screws.
  • Using this vise won’t take up any engrave space on the material as the commonly clamps.
  • Compatible with 3018-SE, 4040-XE & Masuter.



  • Holding Length: 13cm/5”
  • Product Size: 20x8x4 cm/ 7.87”x3.15”x1.57” (L*W*H)
  • Material: Aluminum


Package List:

  • 1x Mini Vise
  • 1x Hex Wrench
  • Pack of screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Low Profile Vise

The vise is the good accessory for my new Vasto XL but unfortunately it is so expensive

Ed Carmichael
Low Profile?

I was so interested in the width of the opening between jaws, I didn't pay attention to the height of this low profile vise. If you have a generic 3018 machine, despite what the ad says, this not for you. It adds an inch plus to your work. In my case, the spinner could not lift high enough for the bit to clear the stock. I have not returned it as it really is well built and I may be able to modify it or something. Just know what you are getting.

Milton Watkins
Low Profile Vice

FoxAlien where great as they assisted me in a way I thought not possible, thanks FoxAlien Team.

Sha Ali
Perfect fit for my Vasto XL

This vise is a perfect accessory for my Vasto XL. Solid and accurate.

This vise does work with the Wood mads 3020

After looking at the photos online and measuring the hole spacing on the table of the Wood Mads 3020, This vise works nicely with the cnc I currently have 2 of them on the table with plenty of room to spare all 3 mounting holes line up with holes on the table. It is a cool design and much easier to use than the hold down clamps. You do lose some Z clearance as the bottom of the vise is 20 mm thick however if you move the spindle motor up you get it all back. I am going to do some testing with probing the XYZ off of the vise "Fixed Jaw" there is a video on YouTube by Buster Beagle 3D where Ryan uses his vise as a probe with a macro to set up work. YouTube video placeholder

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