CNC Router Machine Vasto XL

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[Industrial Grade & Large Working Area] The FoxAlien Vasto XL CNC is built in industrial grade components, comes with HG-15 linear bearings on every axis, 16mm ball screws on XY axis and 12mm ball screws on z axis. The effective working area is 23.62"x23.62"x3.94", this working area is perfect for woodworking business.
[Easy Installation] Main parts are pre-assembled, it just takes 30-45 minutes to assemble the machine, then you can explore the journey of CNC machining.
[Simple to Use] Still based on grbl control, lots of resources can be found on YouTube. Due to its super rigid structure, no more lose step. Even though your engraving settings are not perfect, it can still carve nicely.
[Easy to Upgrade] The machine comes with the 400W spindle, which can capable of engraving and cutting wood, acrylic, carbon fiber, aluminum and brass. It also comes with the 65mm and 69mm clamp, that you can easy to upgrade the Makita Router RT0700C and DeWalt DWP611 Router.
[T-slot Hybrid Table] The Hybrid Table offer multiple workholding options. The working area is 23.62"x23.62"x3.94"(600mm x 600mm x 100mm)







Development Background

Over the past 2 years, we have accumulated a lot of feedback from CNC users. The newbies think it is very complicated to set the right parameters such as engraving speed, depth per pass, plunge rate, and so on. The seasoned machinists believe desktop CNCs, such as the 4040-XE, are still not strong enough to cut aluminum and brass easily and precisely. So FoxAlien keeps on thinking to find a solution to satisfy both the newbies and the veterans. What if we can bring a machine that has more room for the new user to make errors, even if the settings are not perfect, they can still carve with nice results. What if this machine can meet the experienced user's requirements to engrave and cut soft metal easily. Now, we are introducing the best CNC Router Machine in FoxAlien’s family. The CNC Machine Vasto upgrades everything: the linear bearings, the extrusions, the ball screws, the motors and the controller box (independent drivers for each axis). This machine comes with the 400W spindle stock. In order to release the full potential of this Monster, we strongly recommend upgrading to the DeWalt DWP611 or the Makita Router. (DeWalt and Makita router are not included)

Hardware Specification

  • Working Table: T-slot Hybrid Table
  • Cutting Area: 23.62"x23.62"x3.94"
  • Footprint Dimensions: 39.76"x39.37"x17.63"
  • Spindle: 400W
  • Router:  Support 65mm and 69 Router, Makita RT0700C and DeWalt DWP611
  • X Axis: Dual HG-15 Linear Rails & 16mm Ball Screws & 4 Slide Blocks
  • Y Axis: Dual HG-15 Linear Rails & 16mm Ball Screws & 4 Slide Blocks
  • Z Axis: Dual HG-15 Linear Rails & 12mm Ball Screws & 2 Slide Blocks
  • Stepper Motors: Nema23
  • Independent Driver: DM542
  • Machine Structure Material: All Metal
  • Laser Output: 10W


Package List

  • 1x Vasto XXL CNC router (half-assembled in 4 boxes)
  • 1x T-slot Hybrid Table
  • 1x Controller
  • 2x Set of engraving bits (10pcs/set)
  • 1x USB cable
  • 1x Power cord
  • 1x Box of screws and tools
  • 1x User manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Manohar Thumma
Very poor

Poor service after sales. They lost my shipment made me wait until they find it Router table is not robust enough, lot of deflection which is causing chatter. One person suggested me on foxalien Facebook group to reenforce the table from the bottom There is no phone number to talk. I don't recommend this machine.

Overall Good Quality

Assembly was pretty quick. I wish there were better instructions on how to do some basic changes within candle without digging around as much. Only complaint so far is none of the bolts had any thread locker on them and several have vibrated out ruining what I was working on. A little blue loctite works wonders for it.


I didn't get my whole machine.

Jamie England

CNC Router Machine Vasto XL

Simonas Pilkauskas

All good.
Works great.
Little confusing delivered notifications. If package is splitt then you could share tracking numbers for all the packages.
Other than this, service and machine ir self is in very good condition

Gene Beehler
Satisfied customer

Delivered in good order to Ontario Canada in 41 days. I would like to see better support under the bed and a pendant with feedrate override, spindle speed knobs, axis jog and pause and resume buttons. I would be willing to pay a premium for these enhancements.

Simon Hayes
Early days

Relatively simple assembly the frame assembled square. The head looks like it needs tramming in.
The bed of the table has an issue though, the MDF inserts wobble, they could do with more screws from the back set in 2x4 pattern to pull th MDF flat.
There is also a potential hazard with the spindle.
Most people will be aware of being careful to mitigate the risk from cutter breakage but the exposed fan on the top could do the same. if this fractures and shatters when the spindle is running at high speed there is no guard to stop potential injury. Fox alien might want add a guard. I am in the process of making one now.
The machine as a whole seems to be much sturdier with its linear rails, and the addition of ball screws to drive the axis, can only add to this being a very capable machine. If possible I will followup at a later date to review, how long term, this machine gets on.

Aleksander Solinski
Great bit of kit

I highly recommend this machine. Fox alien support has been very positive. Machine arrived within 45 days. Very easy to assemble. The 400w motor can easily be upgraded.

john meiczinger

CNC Router Machine Vasto XL

Jason O
High quality machine

I absolutely love my vasto XL. I have previously owned a 4040 and this was a major upgrade, rigidity and build quality are solid. I will say the stock spindle is a tad underpowered to make full use of this machine but it is capable. I have been CNCing for about a year now and Fox Alien has been fantastic the entire time. I have had very little issues with either machine ive owned. I would reccomend the vasto to anyone wanting a high quality machine at the hobby level.

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