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  • Masuter 4040 is a cost-effective CNC router with large working area of 400 x 380 x 55mm (15.75” x 14.96” x 2.16”). It uses a 60W spindle and NEMA17 stepper motors. Max moving speed is 2000mm/min and spindle speed range is 0~10000.
  • The control board is equipped with an upgraded 32-bit chip which works more efficient and stable. It also supports add-ons such as offline controller, 300W spindle and laser modules. (Add-ons sold separately)
  • HOME function and Emergency-Stop button are integrated on the machine. The machine will go to home with simply press the button.
  • Masuter 4040 is capable to engrave, cut and drill many kinds of material such as wood, MDF, acrylic, foam, resin, nylon, PCB, and aluminum etc.
  • Main parts are pre-assembled. It takes about 20-30mins to fully assembly. The machine is compatible with Grbl software. It supports Windows XP/7/10, Linux and Mac OS.

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  • Active Working Area: 15.75” x 14.96” x 2.16” (400 x 380 x 55mm)
  • Spindle: 775; 10000RPM
  • Input Supply: 12V/5A
  • Step Motor: 1.3 A, 12V, 0.25 Nm torque (2.2 in lb)
  • Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/10, MAC OS, Linux 

Package List

    • 1x CNC Router Machine (Main part pre-installed)
    • 1x Z Probe
    • 1x Cooling Fan
    • 4x Clamp
    • 1x Power Supply
    • 1x USB Cable
    • 1x U Disk
    • 1x User Manual
    • 10 x Router Bits
    • Packs of screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
felipe siimes
Couple problems but overall a very good machine.

Assembly was very easy, it took me about 30 minutes. The first problem I had was with the collet screw, the screw came off but the collet stayed on the head. I ended up prying it off with an Allen wrench, other than that, the only other problem I have had is with trying to route 3d drawings, but that is probably something on my part. Overall it is a very good machine, it has already routed out a couple of designs for me, all very smooth. I am very happy with my purchase.

Guillermo W.
Absolutely great choice for beginner!

Great product!
It toke me about 30mins to assemble, another 30mins to setup and have the demo cut done.
Works great for cutting and engraving on hardwood
Surfacing is hard with default spindle, I updated to 300W spindle and it is doing a good job.
customer service is excellent, they replied me and fixed my config issue within 10 mins

Heather S.
FoxAlien Masuter 4040 CNC Router Machine

My wife bought this machine for me for Christmas last year so I've only been using it for about 2 months. I had never used a CNC of any kind and I must say so far it hasn't been to difficult to learn. The FoxAlien Masuter is definitely a great machine to start out on if you have little to no experience. Here are a few of the projects that I have made so far with the Masuter. These projects are not perfect and i didn't expect them to be after 2 months of use.

Nice machine with lots of possibilities

I have yet to use the machine but I'll give my first impressions and what I faced so far.
First of all, the machine came in a well-protected package_no faults there, however, it was mishandled where some limiting switches were bent. Not a big deal but something to keep note of since I had trouble bending it back in place.

Now the machine itself, everything was labeled from A-Z where its literally impossible to screw up since the manual guides you step-by-step. It comes with a few sample bits with a small MDF piece to mess around with.

Apprently assembly is the easiest part to do, now to spend several weeks to learn how to use the thing.

Mike Hanzlik
Reizer 4040 20W laser

I purchased the Reizer in September of 2021 but had shoulder surgery and was unable to use it until November. The assembly took me all of 30 minutes and since I purchased it with the bundled Lightburn software I was up and running in no time. I really find the Reizer esasy to use and I have had no problems with it so far. The 400mmX400mm work area is plenty big enough for the projects that I have completed to far. I have been able to cut 5mm ply as well and do some great engraving on both slate and tile. Anyone looking for a relative inexpensive laser machine this is the machine. I originally purchased the 3018 cnc a few years ago and I had several issues with it but the support desk was very responsive and took care of my issues in a very speedy manner. My next FoxAlien purchase will be to upgrade to the 40 watt laser module


Brought this machine never used one before and its very easy to use and with great results, buying extra bits are very cheap and work great, only advice when you start check you cut depth

Kevin Brown
Very capable entry level machine

Very capable entry level machine.
Easy to assemble with detailed instructions.

Great machine, affordable, and easy to use!

My first ever CNC machine!!! Delivered on January 19th 2022 just like Amazon said it would. Product was securely packaged with all items included. Watched pawpaws CNC YouTube video to help assemble. Assembled on January 20, 2022, took around 30 minutes. Had some difficulty with the software but being new to this I knew I would. Was able to watch YouTube video from FoxAlien to guide me to what I was missing. Using to create project. These were all completed on the 20th. Machine worked great, and just ordered new bits to clean up the lines inside the cuts. Super excited to see what all I can create, definitely looking at purchasing accessories and maybe the laser.

This was a easy set up

Easy to set up and really good directions.. I also like how you can talk to some one about it and getting to know the cnc alittle better .. __ good deal and worth it ..

Thank you fox alien
ACL WOOD WORKING Easy to set up and really good directions.. I also like how you can talk to some one about it and getting to know the cnc alittle better .. __ good deal and worth it ..

Thank you fox alien

FoxAlien is very helpful, and this is a solid machine.

he machine was super easy to assemble, and after a few days of troubleshooting some initial problems, my acrylic engravings are coming out great! The problems I had were related to the belt tension (I'm very new at cnc stuff) but FoxAlien was very quick and helpful through their Facebook page!

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