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Structure Upgrade: Masuter Pro is an All-Aluminum CNC router, which makes the machine sturdier than the last version. The Z-axis uses linear rails instead of the optical axis, this greatly improves the stability and accuracy.

Upgraded Controller Box: The control board is upgraded to a compact controller box. The emergency stop button and home button are more easily and more convenient to access. The control box is also dust-proof for easy maintenance.

Compatibility Upgrade: Masuter Pro includes 2 spindle clamps: 52mm & 65mm. The 52mm clamp can accommodate the 60W spindle, 300W spindle and the FoxAlien laser modules. The 65mm clamp is for customized upgrade, such as 65mm Makita router, 1.5KW spindle, etc. Masuter Pro also supports the 69mm spindle clamp, please buy separately.

Assembly Upgrade: Main parts are pre-assembled, and the part of the wires are pre-installed to the controller box. It takes only 10-15 minutes to fully assemble.

Additional Working Light: A small working light is added to the Z-axis. It helps you to monitor the carving details and process more clearly. Each stepper motor has a knob for easy adjusting by hand.




  • Active Working Area: 15.75” x 15.75” x 2.36” (400 x 400 x 60mm)
  • Spindle: 775; 10000RPM
  • Input Supply: 12V/5A
  • Stepper Motor: 1.3 A, 12V, 0.25 Nm torque (2.2 in lb)
  • Supported OS: Windows XP/7/8/10/11, MAC OS, Linux 


Package List

  • 1x Masuter Pro CNC Router Machine (Main part pre-installed)
  • 1x Z Probe
  • 1x Controller Box
  • 4x Hold-down Clamp
  • 1x 52mm Spindle Clamp
  • 1x 65mm Spindle Clamp
  • 1x Power Supply
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x U Disk
  • 1x User Manual
  • 10 x Router Bits
  • Packs of screws

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Gašper Lomovšek
great product

it would be nice if they had their own software tool from to translate .gbr to .g code...othervise all best!

Arantxa Tortosa Bravo
Buena máquina

Es una máquina muy completa. Las instrucciones de montaje son perfectas! Súper sencillo.
El único pero ,desde mi punto de vista ,es el hecho de que te den un pendrive únicamente para poderlo instalar en Windows y en Linux y que el programa que ofrecen, no valga para Mac.
Creo que debería mejorar la instalación de la máquina al ordenador y explicar un poco el funcionamiento del programa.

Uwe Thomas

CNC Router Masuter Pro

Robert High

CNC Router Masuter Pro

Seth M.
Quality Machine

I'm loving the cnc so far. Great quality. I'm still in the learning process but so far so good. They only issue is the placement of the controller box. It kinda blocks off access to the spoilboard in that one corner. I believe I will end up moving it. But no problems

Good for the price

This machine has a good price to value ratio. Body is sturdy, the Z-axis assembly is of very high quality, doesn't wobble even with a Makita router.

I've had two problems at first:
1. The power supply was faulty as it didn't ground the machine properly. Static could be felt on all metal surfaces. Cheap replacement fixed it immediately.
2. This is a thing foxalien should upgrade asap - the provided mdf boards are too thin and sags in the middle. Either start using thicker boards or add additional support underneath.

Despite these problems (which are cheap to fix anyway) I think this is a great choice at this price point. Anything above it costs around 2k and more. Anything below is a generic 3018 wobbly machine.

Good Service

Purchased Masuter Pro about a month ago. While assembling, I noticed a problem with the plug going to the Z axis motor. The unit was already completely assembled, so I investigated to see if there was anything I could do to fix it. I had been waiting a long time for this machine because UPS failed to deliver the first one I ordered. I live in South Carolina and they sent it to Delaware. The white plastic Molex insert that is supposed to be holding the pins straight on the stepper motor was attached to the end of the Z axis motor plug on the wiring harness and one of the stepper motor pins was bent completely down against the case. These little pins don't like to be bent, and I was sure that it would break off if straightened from a 90-degree bend. Fortunately, only 4 of the 6 pins are used and this was one of the unused ones. I used a pick to try to straighten it and as soon as I touched it, it just fell out. It was not properly soldered in. I reseated the Molex insert and plugged the cable in and it all worked but I was concerned that one of the other pins might be improperly soldered too and show up later during a job. I sent an email about this to support, and they requested pictures. After a little reangling, they agreed to send me a new stepper motor. I now have the replacement motor and will install it ASAP.

The thing that puzzled me was how the Molex insert that was supposed to be on the motor was on the wiring harness. It occurred to me that the only way this could have happened is that at some point the harness was plugged into this motor. So, guess what? These units are plugged up and checked to work before they are shipped. That makes it worth 6 stars in my book.

I have already done some laser engraving and I can say that this unit is extremely accurate. I engraved the same outline several times after turning the machine off and on, and re-homing it, and every time it traced the exact outline with no deviation at all. It was also spot on 90-degrees after assembly. A well-made machine.

craig thomson
masuter pro my new favorite big boy toy

speaking as a newbie to the cnc world i am exceedingly happy with my masuter pro it handled everything I could throw at it it's rigid enough that it can handle most small CNC projects obviously a larger heavier more industrial machine would hog out wood faster but for the class of machine it is and cost of the actual kit which may I say is exceptional it's an amazing machine unless you're milling huge bits of metal or making boxes in very hard & deep wood there is no other machine you could really need add in to this the ability to buy an extension for the gantry and therefore workspace and what you're really looking at here is not just a bog standard cheap CNC but within all reason an xcarve killer I can't say enough about this machine and how easy it is to use over my last one (below is a picture of liver bird carved with a 1MM end mill for a friends door number).

John Smith

The machine was easy to assemble but I am having trouble getting the programming. I have downloaded online software just not getting it to the Cnc.

Jamie Jackson
Great machine for the money

Ive been using the MP with extention kit for about 7 months now. There are definitely some limitations with the Z-Axis heights, but you can overcome them with some simple engineering. I do wish the stepper motors had a little more power and may look into upgrading them at some point. Would definitely purchase it again. They've been phenomenal to work with as well.

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