[Like New] Extension Kit 4080 for Masuter Pro

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  • This extension kit only includes the Y-axis extended profiles, upgraded T-slot Hybrid spoilboard, base frame and small parts that need to be replaced. (Masuter Pro CNC machine is NOT included)
  • The 4080-extension kit is only for FoxAlien Masuter Pro CNC engraving machine upgrade. It can extend the working area to 15.75" x 31.5" (400mm x 800mm, X-Y).
  • With this upgrade kit, Y-axis travel will double, and this will enable the CNC router machine to accomplish more large size projects such as making skateboard, guitar, and billboard etc.
  • The upgraded hybrid spoilboard is compatible with hold-down clamps, FoxAlien mini vise. The base frame is strengthened by 2 aluminum profiles so that the spoilboard is steady enough for cutting and engraving.
  • A detailed assembly guide is included. We provide step by step assembly manual. It is easy to install.

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Condition: Good

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The FoxAlien Extension Kit 4080 expands the working area of the Masuter Pro from 400mm x 400mm(15.75” x 15.75”) to 400mm x 800mm(15.75" x 31.5")

Package List

  • Y-axis Aluminum Profile x 2
  • T-slot Hybrid Table

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