300W Spindle Kit for CNC Router 3018-SE V2 & Masuter

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  • This upgrade kit is designed for FoxAlien 3018-SE V2 and Masuter CNC router machine. The 300W spindle can directly fit into the spindle clamp of 3018-SE V2 and Masuter. No need to interchange other clamp.
  • The power supply output is 48V. The power supply is integrated into a control box, which is safer and easier to clean.
  • It has a power switch and speed adjust button for convenient operation. Spindle speed can be adjusted manually.
  • 300W spindle can handle hard material more easily such as aluminum and copper. It also improves working efficiency.
  • It comes with a 1/8” ER11 collet in the spindle.


FoxAlien 300W CNC spindle upgrade kit is designed for 3018-SE V2 and Masuter CNC router. The spindle can directly fit into the clamp of 3018-SE V2 and Masuter.

Product Specifications:

  • Spindle Diameter: 52mm
  • Spindle Motor Power: 300W
  • Input Voltage: AC 110V/220V (Default setting is 110V)
  • Output Voltage: DC 48V

Package List:

  • 1x 300W Spindle Motor
  • 1x Power Supply Control Box
  • 1x Power Cord
  • 2x Wires
  • 2x Wrench

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Frank Kratzmeier
Low Noise - High Performance

This is an absolute must-have add on for the masuter pro. encarving wood up to 3 times faster than with the small spindle at same quality results. And price is OK as well!

Stephen Dean
4040 300W upgrade

First class, it’s like day and night, the 300w spindle is almost silent it feels like it could handle anything, I’m very impressed

John Babiarz
300W Spindle

Works fine so far - just wish it could handle higher RPM's. Lots of bit/feed/speed settings seem to call for a lot more than 10K.

Sheldon Johnson
300 Watt spindle kit.

I love it does almost every thing that I need it to do. I wish the power supply cables that connect the speed controller to the machine were longer. Would buy it again. Made this for a friend of mine.

David Antonelli
Masuter 4040 spindle upgrade

I very happy with the spindle upgrade. The instructions are super clear and everything worked as described.

Shaun Erban
Lasted 2 months

Original lasted 2 months. Fan came off and then spindle wouldn’t power up properly.

It is nice and rigid for stronger materials.

This spindle surprised me when it arrived, it came fully assembled in a new mount and carriage. I followed the great FoxAlien 300W spindle upgrade video on YouTube for easy plug and play wiring and ran this 3D pattern very easily. The spindle seems quieter than the original that came the my 3018 SE V1.

Howie Lindauer
Great upgrade for the 3018

Really enjoying this upgrade. The power, speed, and control offer a lot of improvement over the stock 3018 spindle. The variable speed spindle control is really nice to have and allows speed adjustment while a file is running in order to tune to just the right spindle speed. The upgrade kit is easy to install and runs very quiet. There is a small black toggle switch on the control board of the 3018 that needs to be switched to allow the 3018 to run the spindle from an external power supply.

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